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Chrysta (AlbertaQuits)
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Wherever you are along the journey of quitting your use of tobacco, you will find support here.

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Chrysta (AlbertaQuits)
Last reply: August 22 @ 10:43 pm
Chrysta (AlbertaQuits)
I hope that everyone is enjoying the new layout of the AlbertaQuits site! As well as the new look and feel for our community forum!  You may have noticed that your initial feedback has been looked at, and some additional features have been added...
- The first is that the milestone area has been expanded to include those with up to 5 years of quit time!
- Second you can now see when the last comment was made on a post without having to expand the comments (its more visible at first glance)
- I can now also "pin" a post to the top, so if there is an announcement or information that we want to provide to everyone from AlbertaQuits it will stay at the top (I'm pretty excited about that!)
- Not forum related, but "days of life saved" has been added to your profile
Regarding the request to have a library for past posts, we can't do that right now, but there is a filter button on the top that lets you sort posts based on the ones you have "liked".  That might make it easier to find things you have flagged as liking for yourself.
Keep up the great work everyone, its such a pleasure seeing all of the great tips and motivational posts you all send!
Last reply: August 16 @ 8:50 am
Quit 537 days ago
For 536 days I have been on Nicorette only, and have for 6 days maintained my 5 4mg gum program (80% nicotine reduction). 
And now it’s occurred to me during the 3 hours between my nicotine gums that I am not sure what ‘normal’ feels like? 
It’s a strange thing to confess. I know what withdrawal feels like, I get a mental fog, an uncomfortable void in my chest, a clenching in my jaw, a physical misplaced irritability mixed with anxiety. 
But I think to some extent I forgot the full awkwardness that comes with feeling normal. And think I’m quick to medicate with nicotine anything that doesn’t feel rewarding. 
In using nicotine as the ultimate coping mechanism I think I’ve forgotten my prior but normal tolerance for the not so nice but absolutely normal feelings that come with with feeling normal. 
And now I think I’m really beginning to experience what feeling normal really feels like for the first time in a long time. 
In short intervals anyways. 
It seems to me that for this addiction (I can not speak on other addictions) there’s a lot to figure out. And a lot of it is in this foggy unspoken language of ‘how do I feel’ and ‘what does it mean to feel this way’. 
My thoughts anyways
Quit 113 days ago
Yesterday was 2 years since i unexpectedly lost my mother. I was worried all week that I may cave, to help me cope, which I'm not doing very well at, to be honest. I didn't cave and I know my mum would be so proud of me. She wanted me to quit for so long. I wish she could have seen it happen. Doing it for you Mama ❤ xx 
Last reply: Yesterday @ 11:02 pm
Quit 4,910 days ago
TGIF Pledge
Good morning all
Happy Friday!!!!!
TGIF!!!! Successful trip to Edmonton and I am starting my busy time at work so I will be on the go non stop now. Today I have to get Charlie in to day care as they are grooming him. I have to go visit a child and then hit my office. I do not want to make it a late day as DH wants to go to Cross Iron when I get home from work. Look at my schedule....when do I have time to smoke????? Freedom Road is the place to be as I run the show now not addiction. I am saying NO to smoking today and hold my hand out to the next winner joining me today.
Have a fantastic Friday!!!!
3Y 0M
Life saved
Money saved
Last reply: Yesterday @ 11:02 am
Quit 48 days ago
TGIF Pledge
Well week one back to work is almost complete.  Was pretty uneventful at the school as the teachers aren’t back until next week. Registration is next week and will be a mad house so I’ll take quite while I can. My mom is coming up tonight for dinner and a movie. I also get to buy a new vacuum. That was exciting news wasn’t it?! lol Clearly my life isn’t very exciting but you know what is? I will not be smoking today!!!  Have a great weekend everyone.  
Pledge for Terry - No, nope, and not happening. I join today’s pledge for a smoke free Friday. 
Last reply: Yesterday @ 8:30 pm
Quit 435 days ago
Good morning everyone. Cheryle, you are hands down an awesome person. That was really kind, and compassionate of you to pledge for me. You get a big barrel of karma for that one. You blew me away, and I will never forget what you did for me. I need a 3d friend like you. Thank you so much. Many people go thru much more stress than I just did and they do just fine. Losing water rapidly with around 40 of my little pals swimming around really stressed me out. I was twitching pretty bad but hubby went and got me some nicorette lozenges which has helped. I am no longer twitching and I dumped those before I will dump them again. 2 floors have huge dehumidifier and 2 fans each going 24/7. Super loud, and they make the house hot. The fish are happily swimming in a new tank but in the hallway. 2 other rooms in an upheaval. Another week and at least my house will be back to normal. Again Cheryle you are adorable. I will double pledge. No to smoking. Enjoy your day😊😊
Last reply: Yesterday @ 1:01 pm
Quit 4,910 days ago
Great repost.
Have a good one.
Step right up, folks, step right up to behold an stupendous sight! It's the greatest show on earth!
What you see before you is one of the most AMAZING inventions in the world! This little tubular wonder is called a cigarette. Yes indeed! Beneath this inconspicuous white paper is a chemical that is guaranteed to change your life…FOREVER!
Behold the pretty glow at the tip, ladies and gentlemen. This is how it starts. This appealing little orange glow gains you membership into an exclusive club. Not everyone can join this club, mind you! This club is reserved for the “cool” people, who wish to display an attitude of independence and rebellion. Sound like you? Well, then by all means, light up and begin your journey as a member of - The Smoker’s Club.
Note the pungent and unique aroma that surrounds you! Not everybody gets to smell like that, no sir! But you – you can announce your presence everywhere you go with this scent. Why people will be able to tell, just by standing next to you, that you are a member of The Smoker’s Club! No one will ever get in your car or enter your home again without knowing that you are a member of the Club, isn’t that nice to know?
But that’s just the beginning! Does life stretch you? Require too much of you? No need to worry, my friends, because this here cigarette is about to make your life easier. Never again will you have to endure a family event, a holiday, a wedding or graduation in its entirety. While the people you love are opening Christmas presents, celebrating birthdays or getting married, you can have the privilege of standing outside in the rain and snow, away from all that! Just you and your cigarette.
Can’t endure watching an entire movie? Sitting in restaurants talking to friends? Going to the mall or the zoo? No need to worry about those things anymore, you’re a member of The Smoker’s Club now! All you have to do is pull out one of your paper wrapped friends and step outside!
Are you tired of making decisions? Bogged down with questions like “Where will you go for vacation?” or “Will you go on that retreat or visit family?” No problem, you’re a member of The Smoker’s Club and your friend the cigarette will make ALL those decisions for you.
But the benefits don’t stop there, no siree! Because this here is a wonder drug. It solves all your problems. Yes, you heard me right, ALL your problems.
Are you sleepy? Can’t sleep? Are you sad? Happy?
Do you need a pick-me-up or something to calm you down?
No need to worry my friends, this little wonder is the solution to all those problems. Why, it will pick you up when you’re down and it will calm you down when you’re hyped up. It will give you energy when you’re tired and allow you relax when you’re wound up!
It will help you cope during the rough times and help you celebrate during the good times. Why this cigarettes is guaranteed to be with you – every minute of every day – for the rest of your life! In a very short time you will begin to think you can’t live without it! 24 hours a day you will think about your cigarettes. When you can’t smoke, you will miss it tremendously! It’ll be the last thing you do before you go to bed and the first thing you do when you wake up and every moment of your day will revolve around time with your cigarettes! Just imagine, never having to face another day, another flat tire, another promotion – without this cigarette hanging out of your mouth!
As an added bonus you’ll have ashes everywhere, just like fairy dust! In your car, in your home, on your clothes. And let’s not forget those lovely little burn holes in your clothes, which will allow you to stay cool in the summer. Why be like everyone else and have white teeth! You’re a rebel – the independent type – and you’ll have yellow teeth to prove it! Have you been thinking a persistent cough would bring you prestige and attention? You get all this and more as a member of The Smoker’s Club!
How much, you ask, would one have to PAY for membership to The Smoker’s Club? It’s hard to put a price on such a life altering thing. But I’m here to tell you that price is only $2,000.00 to $5,000.00 a year. Yes, you heard me right! Hard to imagine that you could gain all of this for so little money, I know, but it’s true. Why just think, that’s only $50,000.00 every decade! But no need to worry about the finances, folks, you can pay off those dues in very manageable installments of $7-$12 a day – no credit or bad credit, we don’t care!
But wait…there’s more!
In just a few short decades, you can become a Premium Member of The Smoker’s Club, which will entitle you to a plethora of diseases! Why, you could come down with COPD, stomach or throat cancer, heart disease, stroke or the granddaddy of them all – lung cancer! Yes, all of them are waiting for you, all of them are yours for the taking!
All you have to do is step right up, step right up. Hang that white tube out of your mouth and light ‘er up!
Kay <---- there's a sucker born every minute!
115 days, 5 hours, 11 minutes and 56 seconds smoke free. 2304 cigarettes not smoked. $575.00 and 17 days, 14 hours of my life saved! My quit date: 2/3/2013 7:00:00 AM
Last reply: Yesterday @ 9:35 am
Quit 4,910 days ago
What if you made a mistake?
Good one! Always remember, multiple attempts are not a requirement - some folks get it right the first time (alas I was not one of them!). Key is to learn, and put yourself on another path. Do not make yourself suffer over and over again. So not worth it.
What if you made a mistake?
From Gemini62 on 8/3/2005 3:17:13 PM
This is a revamped version of my "to confess or not" post. It is specifically addressed to those who have slipped and are devastated by that. Not to those who are looking for excuses.
I think we can all agree that the ultimate goal here is to quit smoking for life. We have to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. It is a selfish and personal gesture and probably one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our health. This is a wonderful group of people with diverse opinions and personalities but there is no set rule or method for success. Each of us knows what it will take to finally kill our own personal nicodemon.
Let's say you've been quit for quite a while. Mostly secure in the knowledge that you've got this thing licked. Then you make a terrible mistake by smoking a cigarette. Is all lost there? Is it all over and you may as well start from scratch? I don't believe it is as long as it stops there!
The reason for the mistake (and that's what it is) is irrelevant but several things can come of it.
You can wallow in self-pity and self-loathing. You can be so disappointed in yourself that your self-esteem will plummet causing you to believe that you are unworthy of happiness and good health and you can punish yourself by throwing your quit away and continuing to smoke.
You can look at things logically. You can acknowledge that you made a stupid mistake and you can stop it there. All the cigarettes not smoked up until that point, all the cilia from your lungs revived to that point, all the money saved to that point are all still valid facts. You can continue to accumlate those numbers from that moment on. Continue on your quit and learn from your mistake.
Because if you continue to smoke, you will come to a day when you'll be sick of it again and you'll want to quit again. You'll have starts and stops and then you'll find the right combination and you'll be quit again but not until you go through the pain of starting over. The same indecision and insecurity as in past attempts. Eventually you will have lost a lot of time and expended a lot of energy to get back to where you are right now.
Do you know why? Because you know not smoking is much better than smoking. And when emotions die down you will undoubtedly realize that there really is no logical reason to smoke.
Quit 4 days ago
I slipped up last week, now I am 2 days smoke free again.  I’ve been really busy at work so it’s helped take my mind off smoking.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 8:37 am