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Quit 43 days ago
 Up early enough to watch the sunrise, it's so beautiful. Looks like it is going to be a scorcher out there today, 11 degrees.  Cannot wait for  a lovely long walk.   Who would like to join me in a smoke free day?
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Quit 4 days ago
well, this is going on 4 days smoke free.  On step two nicotine patch and going strong.  just taking it one day at a time, that's all you really can do.  If you think about how far you have to go to beat this addiction, it becomes too overwhelming.  So like I said, just take it step by step and see how far you have come and not worry about tomorrow.  
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Quit 5,468 days ago
Repost: Quick and Helpful Thoughts on Quitting
Some excellent thoughts here. Print some out and keep them with you to read when you are struggling. I cannot tell you how many times I would pick up and read my mantras in my early days. Feel free to add your own.
Have a great day.
Quick & Helpful Thoughts on Quitting
From JackQN on 8/4/2012 8:30:03 AM
Easy does it.
Know peace.
Don't smoke.
Quitting is as repetitive a process as smoking, so try to create new & healthy habits which do not include smoking.
It's better to be an ex-smoker with an occasional desire to smoke than a smoker with a constant desire to quit.
Mantra: I don't smoke. I don't smoke any more.
Smoking is not an option. It's just no longer an option. Smoking is NOT an option.
A crave is not an instruction, it's just a memory.
The craving will pass whether I smoke or not.
I'm a puff away from a pack or more a day.
There is no such thing as just one cigarette.
I am not deprived of anything by having quit smoking. In fact, it is the smokers who are deprived . . . of health, energy, money, well being, confidence, happiness, self-esteem, peace of mind, courage, tranquility, freedom, self-respect.
I only have one day to not smoke in. Today.
I only have one moment to not smoke in. This moment. Now.
Don't envy smokers and bemoan the fact that you no longer are one. Start seeing smokers as the miserable, pathetic creatures they really are and pity them. You wouldn't envy a heroin addict, would you?
Someday I'll find it hard to believe that I ever smoked.
The cravings do diminish with time. Hang in there!
Own your quit. Take full and total responsibility for it. Own your quit.
It took time and practice to become a smoker.
It takes time and practice to become a former smoker.
Be patient with yourself.
Be patient with your healing.
Be patient with your recovery.
Hang Tuff! Don't Puff!
You're GREAT! You don't smoke anymore!! You don't HAVE to smoke.
Smoking is a choice.
Quitting is a process, not a single act.
The urge to smoke DOES pass! Wait. Chill. Calm down. Be patient.
Craving - Nicodemon - BITE ME!
Cut the strife. Quit for life.
Remember your discomforts of quitting during the first few awful moments and hours and days. Remembering them is valuable in staying quit over the long haul.
H.A.L.T. -- Don't get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired.
There are better companions than cigarettes!
There is only one cigarette I cannot smoke. The first one.
If I refrain from smoking that first cigarette, I'll be home free with my quit intact.
Reward yourself! Notice how you are improving!
Tell yourself, "I've ended the habit, just not the addiction."
Drink lots and lots and lots of water in those first few weeks,
and take deep breaths and slow exhales when the cravings hit.
Don't be afraid to quit, rather be afraid NOT to quit.
Every time I have a craving and don't yield to it and don't smoke,
I strengthen my quit tenfold.
There is no way out but through.
I can get up in the morning and take a deep breath without that tightness or coughing.
My house smells great.
Congratulate yourself on the fact that you have STOPPED, not on "having a go" or "another try." YOU HAVE STOPPED SMOKING.
You should feel fantastic about yourself because you no longer smoke.
Smoking is the best thing you will never ever do again!
One cigarette is too many, and a million is not enough!
Not one, not now, not ever.
There's always money in my pocket.
I'm not sending my money up in smoke.
You can do this, you are doing it, one day at a time.
Practice stress reduction techniques.
Progress, Not Perfection
You'd have to gain more than 75 lbs to do the same level of damage to yourself as a one-pack-a-day habit will.
Confidence is nice, but doing the foot-work is better. Confidence is the result of accomplishment, and my money goes on the one who's got blisters on their feet.
Success builds on success.
Nothing succeeds like success.
Seek peace ... and the people & places & things that foster peace.
Once you stop smoking the tendency is to blame everything that goes wrong on the fact that you have quit. If you find yourself doing this, be careful! Caution! Watch out!
No, thank you, I don't smoke!
If I light up now, eventually I'll have to quit again. Who the heck wants to go through that again? Not me!
Our quits are current things. Our quits are now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not next week or next month. Now. In this present moment.
Be here now ... and be smoke-free.
Being quit for a year is just a long string of "one minute at a time" quits and "one hour at a time" quits and "one day at a time" quits strung together.
Smoking accomplishes nothing. There is no upside to smoking.
In restaurants, always remember to say: "Non-smoking, please."
Say it out loud: "Today I am proud of me!"
Whatever it takes to stay s(m)ober. Whatever it takes.
It was a long walk into the woods, it's a long walk out.
When you have a craving or a smoking thought, acknowledge it . . .
don't try to hide from it or run away from it or deny it or avoid it.
When you have a craving, ask yourself what if anything triggered it? What are you going to do instead? And, the hard one for most smokers, how do I feel about the trigger and how do I feel right now in general?
Everytime you think a cigarette will stop a craving, imagine a heroin junkie pathetically spiking their arm with a syringe. Is that really helping their situation? Will a cigarette really help yours?
_______ The "NOT AN OPTION" List _______
1. "JUST ONE" is not an option.
2. "NOT BECOMING UN-ADDICTED" is not an option.
3. "NOT ACCEPTING MY ADDICTION" is not an option.
6. "GETTING HOOKED AGAIN" is not an option.
7. "TO QUIT QUITTING" is not an option.
8. "TRYING TO DO IT ALONE" is not an option.
9. "TO SURRENDER BEFORE BATTLING IT" is not an option.
10. "TO SAY I CAN'T DO IT" is not an option.
Slipping is not an option.
Smoking is not an option.
Skip, don't slip. Keep the quit.
Be more focused on living life, and less focused on how you need to change.
Don't smoke no matter what ... no matter what don't smoke!
Whatever you decide will work will in fact work.
Read the information in your library, don't smoke, read the posts, don't smoke, do some deep breathing, don't smoke, reply to the posts, don't smoke, post your own, don't smoke, chat, don't smoke, meditate or pray or gentle yourself, don't smoke, post, don't smoke, read some more, don't smoke, drink water, don't smoke, go for a walk, don't smoke, call a friend, don't smoke, take a shower, don't smoke . . . do whatever you want to do EXCEPT smoke! That's out of the question! Smoking is NOT an option.
If you're having problems, keep asking yourself, "How is smoking going to help this problem?" It won't. Don't smoke!
If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail.
N.O.P.E. = Not One Puff Ever
Smoking is NOT an option.
Develop an attitude of gratitude, and show it to the world.
One day . . . or one hour . . . or one minute at a time.
Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.
Easy does it.
Know peace.
Don't smoke.
Quit to live & KTQ!
Posted in gratitude & hope by Jack ~ Day 3,364 ~ 9+ Years Quit
Smoking is NOT an option!
Know peace. Don't smoke.
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Quit 392 days ago
Weedless Wednesday Pledge
Another day, another game with the Leafs *sigh*  The weather is so beautiful of late, I am off to walk trails on the river with my walking group!  Breathing in that fresh air, sometimes I wonder why I ever smoked and then remember I framed it to mean that I was having a good time, enjoying it.  Instead it was really about withdrawal & chemical addiction - not so fun and certainly don't miss those heavy chains!  What about you? Who would like to join the liberation & enjoy a smoke FREE day with me?
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Quit 23 days ago
Ok... by my calculations, today is day 23 of being smoke free even though says it’s day 21 (Quit day was Feb. 9). Must be something to do with that new math they’re teaching the kids in school these days.
Regardless, I’ve made it past the three-week mark, and am giving myself a pat on the back which is something I very seldom do.
In all my previous attempts to quit, I would acknowledge when I lasted 3 - 4 hours...and promptly congratulate myself by having a cigarette... duh!  At some point my brain stopped praising that...considering my body went without a smoke for 6 - 8 hours every day while I 3 or 4 was really no big accomplishment.  
So through my eyes, 3 weeks is one of the biggies so I’m smiling about it today.  My brain has also chimed in with a “See, you’re not the failure you thought you were!” (Regarding quitting).
Any thoughts of doing the “just a taste” I may have at this point have become fleeting and brief... about 5 -10 seconds.... and only 2 or 3 times a day.... it’s getting easier much more quickly than I had anticipated (given the number of attempts in my past).
So, to anyone and everyone who goes through struggles...whether a new quitter, or free for years, give yourselves a pat on the back just because.
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Quit 5,468 days ago
Repost: Junkies lie. Mine did. Does yours?
I used to buy into these junkie lies and bought into many of them. #8, 38 and 45 were big for me. I also used to say I love smoking – BS!!!!!
Take smoking off the table as part of your life. Never buy Junkie lies no matter if you are quit 1 day, 100 days or 10,000 days.
Junkies lie. Mine did. Does your?
(warning: long)
From SilverRain on 8/10/2003 7:15:28 PM
From time to time I copy down the reasons folks slip and fall. These were all taken from QuitStop posts beginning about March ‘00 and ending ... not yet. These are all reasons that one of us gave away the quit – lost the chance. Perhaps your junkie talks in similar ways?? Or perhaps you have an especially tricky junkie lie to contribute?
I know I quit, but I can’t continue one more minute! I have to smoke because ...
1. I own/work in food service and the people are mean to me.
2. Work was hard tonight.
3. My husband/wife is making me crazy.
4. My spouse doesn’t smoke. It’s too hard to quit when s/he doesn’t understand. My spouse smokes. It’s too hard to quit when s/he smokes.
5. I can’t write unless I smoke.
6. I’m going on vacation and I don’t want to spoil my vacation by being mean.
7. I got drunk. I got drunk but the cigarette(s) I smoked doesn’t count cuz I wasn’t in my right mind.
8. Just one won’t count. It was just a little slip.
9. I’m really a social smoker. I just forgot I didn’t really need to quit altogether.
10. I thought I would pretend to be a smoker, a heroine from one of those old movies – the gals who blow smoke in sexy poses. I thought I would just pretend and not inhale.
11. I am getting a divorce. I am getting married. I am getting over getting married.
12. I found this hidden cig on the shelf.
13. I quit without warning and didn’t get to have that one last smoke. 14. I am doing so well at quitting that I can have just one, easy.
15. It’s my wedding anniversary. It’s my birthday. It’s not my birthday. 16. It’s too hard.
17. They are around here. So I had to.
18. It’s Christmas/Yom Kippur/Ramadan/Winter Solstice.
19. I have learned how to be a social smoker.
20. I just can’t resist – it’s an irresistible force for me.
21. It’s worse for me. I’m a bigger addict that you are.
22. I’m so mean and nasty that my husband/wife begged me to smoke! I didn’t want to get a divorce, so ....
23. I did it to show my wife/husband how mean s/he was.
24. I have smoked so long; what’s the use of quitting now?
25. I have to because of the garbage in my life.
26. I was tired
27. I couldn’t think straight.
28. Just a few puffs won’t hurt, doesn’t count.
29. I’m bored with quitting.
30. While I was buying gas, I saw the cigs behind the counter and could not resist.
31. I didn’t get a letter from my boyfriend.
32. I didn’t plan this quit so well.
33. I only smoke on weekends.
34. Stress. I just had to.
34. I was overtaken.
35. I had a car wreck.
36. I could not resist. I don’t know what happened.
37. Somebody died and it made me nervous.
38. I'm going to die of something! I have the right to choose my own death
39. It was laying there burning so I picked it up.....
40. I was visiting friends and they all smoke, so what difference does it make?
41. I am gaining too much weight. I can't get into my clothes." I'm getting fat!
42. I am home alone and can't resist being bad!
43. My Grandad lived to 97, smoked unfiltered camels since he was 13! 44. You'll never REALLY be happy again without a smoke.
45. I deserve it! I need it.
46. Oh, you can go ahead and smoke one... just don't inhale it....
47. You've been quit so long now it would be like water off a ducks back... wouldn't even bother you..
48. If I share a cigarette, it doesn’t count since it isn’t *my* cigarette. 49. I want to go golfing and if I smoke, I won’t have to eat while I’m playing.
50. My soul mate broke up with me and I couldn't handle it.
Just to re-iterate DFS and NOPE
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Quit 5,468 days ago
Tuesday Pledge
Good morning all
Happy Tuesday!!!!!
Up and going for the day - not the fastest but I am going. Meetings this morning, I am running out to look for some noise cancelling headphones and help a staff with their attendance and then back home for dinner. Smoking - never an item on my to do list now - thankful each and every day for my freedom. Glad I did the work that allows me to maintain an awesome home on the Freedom Road. My house does not stink, my family can breath and life it is good. No matter what life brings my way, smoking will not be part of it. I hold my hand out to the next winner joining me in kicking some ash to the curb today.
Have a good day.
3Y 1M
Life Saved
Money Saved
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Quit 5,468 days ago
Repost: Reflections
Excellent repost.
Forum: QuitStop
Subject: Reflections
From: random68
Date: 2013-12-30 13:50:37
Not the me in the mirror
The me of a year ago and more
I do not smoke
I do not desire to smoke
I do not need the taste
I do not get excited by the smell
Coworkers lighting up are merely an annoyance,
not a reason commit $@!#%.
My habits have changed
I can drive without lighting up
I can take a break without lighting up
I can drink (non-alcoholic now) without lighting up
I still play with fire,
and the only smoke I stink of is from the wood I'm burning.
I no longer sneak off for a drag
I no longer hide from family
I no longer lie about the smell in my vehicle
I no longer lie about little inconsequential things
I seek to be honest
in business, in work, in home
I seek to be understanding even when I'm alone
I seek to know more about these choices in life
I seek to be an example in words and 3d land
I seek to live up to my word in all things.
Before I quit,
That wasn't me.
Before I quit,
It was quite the opposite,
you see?
I lied about little stuff,
I bent rules to suit myself
I drank and smoked,
snuck around and joked,
thinking I was getting away with it all.
truth was...
I was just another one of the small
Since I quit,
I know I'm worth it.
I'm worth your money and my time.
I will give you everything I have down to my last dime. have to understand,
its not free,
this gift of giving,
this gift of honesty.
It costs a lot,
Trust, anger, swearing to never let it happen again...
(I did say I honor my word above right?)
Deeper story from a different life... still playing out in the courtroom strife.
Meanwhile I'm reflecting my quit,
Hoping that you can see...
something in these actions,
in these words,
of a life you may want,
of a person you can be.
Your quit is so worth it,
In every single way.
You breath easier, smell better, look happier,
You don't have to lie,
You don't have to hide or stand outside,
You quit is so worth it,
every single minute.
Craig (40+ club)
These numbers are not the whole truth but they are a start...
759 days, 12 hours, 54 minutes and 35 seconds smoke free. 760 cigars at one a day, equal to 760 packs cigarettes not smoked. $760.00 and 5 days, 19 hours of my life saved! My quit date: 12/1/2011 12:00:00 PM
Last reply: March 2 @ 8:39 am
Quit 43 days ago
Went for a walk with my daughter yesterday.  She is very mindful of not smoking around me which I greatly appreciate.  She asked me if it was ok that she had a cigarette on the walk.  I don't pressure her to quit as she will when she is ready.  Well, I got a full whiff in my nostril and down my throat it went.  It tasted as nasty as it smells.  But I must confess I was a bit worried that that one whiff would wake up the brain receptors.  But thankfully no :)
Last reply: March 2 @ 1:51 pm
Quit 5,468 days ago
Monday Pledge
Good morning everybuddy
Happy Monday!!!!!
Up and going for the day lots of work to get done today and a couple of meetings this afternoon. Good to be busy. Glad I do not have to waste my day running about to go have a smoke. Imagine how much time I used to go feed my addiction. How inconvenient it was to go have to run out and smoke - taking time to kill myself yet telling anyone who asked how much I loved to smoke. Thankful I now see the lies of addiction for what they are. Thankful to be free and living my dream on the Freedom Road. I am not smoking and offering a hand to the next winner joining me today in kicking some ash to the curb.
Have a good day.
3Y 1M
Life Saved
Money Saved
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Quitting during COVID
Is it a good idea to quit smoking or vaping during the COVID-19 pandemic?