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Tammy (AlbertaQuits)
Hello Everyone, 
For those of you using the tobacco tracker, it has been fixed and a half cigarette now records properly.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  If you’re still having issues with it, please let me know. 
Have a great day! 
Quit 160 days ago
Unfortunately unable to message on this site, so not smoking-related but definitely related to talents/interests one picks up after quitting smoking...m.m.:  check out ultimate sourdough banana bread on The Clever Carrot site.  Thanks :) 
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Quit 761 days ago
Good Tuesday Morning Everyone. I have my toughest job today, but somehow I get through it every two weeks. Strength, and stamina I'm thinking thanks to being an ex smoker. Everything in life is much easier now, especially breathing :) I will continue down my path on Freedom Road. No Smoking for me today. Who is with me? Enjoy your day Folks.
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Quitting in 7 days
Good day all.  
This will be a bit long winded, but its my way of starting what i know will be a difficult process. The first step is admitting your weakness to addiction to yourself.
I'm 48 and have been smoking 21 years.  I suffer from anxiety issues, and smoking has been a crutch for me all this time, and nothing I've given much concern to as it helped me cope, but not in a positive way.  Well, the last few weeks i have been beyond anxious....shaky, nervous, some weight-loss, hard time paying comes and goes and spikes every half year or so....and i have a hard time differentiating between true health concerns and anxious concerns.  All i know is i have wanted to quit for so long, but also scared to because of my own FEAR of quitting and the anxiety that in itself has caused, and my fear of failure like so many times before causes as much anxiety as the fears of health concerns from smoking.  
But at 48 years old, I also know I have more to live for, and still memories to make.  I finally broke down a bit the other night to my wife, who as supportive as she is, actually understood my fear of failure and told me she has hated my smoking all this time, but knew it was up to me to decide to quit.  She's never nagged me, but talking the other night so much came out that I knew I was broken and now its time to fix.  so, here we go; quit making excuses, and start making changes.  
After a fair bit of research and reading, I am trying the cessation idea.  its not cold turkey, and the patches are definitely itchy ha-ha.  I have my gum for the moments I cannot seem to shake the cravings, and I am looking into a hypnotherapy program.  I'm nowhere near being a true nonsmoker/quitter yet, and each day seems like a first step, and each day will be another step forward hopefully.  I enjoy reading the success stories on this site, and have found a ton of information that has helped me realize, and believe, I can and need to do this.  it wont be easy.  there will be slip ups and short comings and disappointing moments and grouchiness and stress.  but lets see what happens and keep trying.  
that being said, any tips, pointers, suggestions, constructive criticisms, success or failure stories and the results of either will always be appreciated.   so many of you out there have done so well it makes me feel more confident in my decision to make this move finally.  
Stop with the excuses and outs and blame and guilt.  Start with accepting that only I can make things change, and knowing there are people and resources out there are going to help I'm sure.  
So for those of you that have quit, congratulations!  For those in the process, keep trying and don't get down on yourself for slip-ups or having to struggle....i'm just starting the process and am anxious and a little scared and everything in between, but I know the struggle will be worth it if I stick to it.  Wish me luck (and strength haha!)!
Have a great day everyone, thanks for letting me rant, and good luck to you all!
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Quit 5,236 days ago
Repost: Escape Plan
Awesome repost!
Attitude means everything.
Escape plan
From Sherilou on 1/27/2015 3:36:48 PM
"I can't do it " How many tries ended up in failure with the " I can't do it " I am different attitude!" I still held on to baggage over and over again, and was still trapped by addiction; I was brainwashed by my own twisted thinking with an "I can't do it " Attitude. ( sighing relief)
. I told myself so many times "I can't do it" . Just as if you are told you don't look well over and over and over again by the end of the day I will have you convinced that you don't look or feel well . You will go home and check your mirror LOl trust me :) I wonder if we brain wash our thoughts , so that we can keep control , and keeping control is by smoking to many of us. . Maybe not so funny maybe a little truth in that. LOL
The first day of quitting , I had a gung ho attitude , 2nd day ..hey not so much fun , and by the third I was always defeated . Quitting seemed so painfully hard , and My stomach hurt, and my emotions visible , raw, and exposed . Not a pleasant feeling. I used a quit aid, but "I" had "MY WAY " thinking and failed. "My way" thinking was safe and was comfortable . I could hold on to it , and not have to endure the pain , and I could still have control . I remained an addict to smoking / nicotine / and Its ways . : MY WAY WAS NOT WORKING FOR ME ! or like Dr Phil would say LOL Hows that working for ya LOL NOT!!!!
Letting go of addiction , of nicotine, and smoking mean't vulnerability, it mean't stepping out of my comfort zone ...hard thing to do when being vulnernable puts one at risk to have to deal with things in a not so comfortable way ; ONly way known to me for most ofmy life : by way of smoking. Comfort is safety / addiction was an escape plan of safety. My comfort zone>
I believe now, it was an internal escape plan , escape from facing fear and the literal "pain" of quitting smoking permanently . Escape plan for dealing with life's mountains to climb , valleys to cross, and oceans to swim. I believe "I can't thinking , resurfaces to keep us hooked to addiction, and smoing is an easy way out .
Letting go of addiction / nicotene and smoking mean't learning healthier ways to live . Stepping outside the box; being vulnerable, and being ok with that by learning healthier ways to control , healthier ways to deal with lifes hurts , healthier ways to be HAPPY without smoking/nicotene and addiction. It can be done from day 1 . BUT that means getting out of your comfort zone with whatever method , and making a clean break from smoking /nicotene/and addiction, one step at a time . It means putting an end to it! DO NOT give addiction a HOLD ever AGAIN . Its time to break the cycle!!!
I had choices on how to quit. My first being the patch / failed. My fault . It would have worked but "I can't thinking became my cop out, and a controlled response for a want and need to hold on to an addiction. That was smoking " Nicotene its driving force. .
"MY WAY " was my control .
I brainwashed my self to believing the chains and cycles of abuse by addiction could NOT be broken , and that I was just a rare hopeless case, and would never be able to quit this addiction . That is a LIE !!!! EVERYONE here can beat this addiction....... YOu are NOT different, nor unique .... everyone here can quit If THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT !!! All I can say is don't play with fire too long .. Be careful of "MY WAY" thinking . Don't let our thinking be wrong thinking . It really is hard , but as I was told by those that went before me . iT is simple JUST DO IT !! and no matter what, take this addiction to all of its components off the table
We do set your goals : We do set your escape route sure there is true and hones freedom for you at the end . Best medication method in any case is one day at a time . KTQ ... and tell yourself YOu can do it .
d 1307
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Quit 25 days ago
Day 23 for me, I feel good. I went to the west end today, took the bus but I forgot my gum and my mist spray, but I had water; I didn't have any real cravings.
I climbed the stairs today; tens floors it took me 1min 23sec pace walk up^^^
I haven't seen my Doctor, he does not know that I quit smoking, he told me to quit last year... haha I told him I'd think about it, it's my time now.
What ever hits me to have that smoke I'm not going too. This has been going through my mind for some time 'when to quit' 34 years may seem short for some but in the last 20 years I have been smoking a pack day, before that a pack would last me 3 days; stress, anxiety(on meds) I have had to deal with in the last 20 years.
My dad and 2 of his brothers did not see 55 they smoked, his other 2 brothers quit smoking early in their lives and lived to into their 70's his sister never smoked and she is still alive and is the youngest of them.
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Quit 5,236 days ago
Monday Pledge
Good morning everybuddy
Happy Monday!!!!!
Up and moving for the day and out on the road this morning then home to work for the afternoon. That is my day = just need to get garbage together and put out. Smoking - not part of my life today or any day. Smoking does nothing for us but cause disease and death. I am taking a hard pass on that and focusing on my health and wealth - gotta pay for 2 places till my house sells lol. I am saying NO to smoking and offering my hand in friendship and support to the next winning quitter joining me today.
Have a good one
3Y 0M
Life Saved
Money Saved
Last reply: July 13 @ 2:59 pm
Quit 2,145 days ago
Two bits! My friends dad quit when cigarettes went up to .25 cents. He lived to be 93 and was in very good shape till the end. My dads best buddy quit the day he went to the store with five bucks in his pocket and the store clerk asked for another twenty five cents. He told the clerk ...... and never had another cigarette. The price is a factor. What is your limit? How much would you pay for the 'right' to smoke every day. $ 25.00 bucks a pack. $50.00. Year after year the price went up. I was smoking that year when it cost that extra quarter and I remember being upset about it. Money was the motivator in my younger years to quit. $160.00 bucks cut deep into my budget. A home, day care, a car and tobacco. Those were fixed costs, so it came out of the food. clothing, and entertainment money. "The only thing I enjoyed" because there was not a lot of money left for the other stuff. My brother quit when he was in his early forties. For the money. Going into dept to make ends meet was not a good option and he saw that as a cost increase. Back in the day interest was very high on credit cards and burning up five bucks a day while owing money was not something he was willing to do. I kept smoking and fell farther behind. He kept his quit and became healthier and wealthier.
Last reply: July 13 @ 1:04 pm
Quit 5,236 days ago
Repost: Back to the Basics
An excellent repost.
Smoking is NOT an option in my life anymore.
Back to basics
From danl1 on 9/29/2004 2:03:26 PM
-You do not want to smoke. If you did, you wouldn't be reading this. If you did, you wouldn't have decided to quit - while you were a smoker. Any other thought can safely be considered an error, and ignored.
-You do not need to smoke. For evidence, look to the 80% or so of the population that does not smoke. Better still, look at the former smokers - and notice that there are more of them than there are smokers. Pay close attention - they are all happier, healthier, wealthier, and more sane than their smoking counterparts. Any other thought can safely be considered an error, and ignored.
-You do not like to smoke. Think of the coughing, hacking, and nausea that came with the first ones you smoked. They never changed.
-The discomfort called withdrawal is caused by smoking. If you like it, smoke more. Otherwise...
-You do not have to want quit 'more' than you want to smoke; You don't want to smoke. This is a yes/no, before/after kind of question. You used to smoke, now you don't. This is the 'old newspaper effect.' If you read a 60-year-old newspaper, would you run into the streets yelling that the Germans have invaded France? Of course not. So why freak out when you happen to remember last week's news? Any thought that smoking isn't completely in the past can safely be considered brain-garbage, and ignored.
-I get it that you are feeling lousy. Relax and wait - change in life is never too far off. Relaxation is probably the thing you are really looking for. If the discomfort is physical, consider taking something for it. No matter the case, I sincerely recommend that you don't take the thing that caused the discomfort.
-The discomfort called withdrawal is NOT delayed by smoking. It is eliminated by relaxation, and a new episode 20 minutes on is caused by smoking at the same time. If stepping up grows tiresome, stopping the jumping-off might help.
-Whatever your situation, you already have all the skills you need to cope with it. You do not need new coping skills, you need to stop giving a tube of leaves credit for the things you've always done. You may choose to find new skills as well, but that is a separate choice.
-You may not like who you've become. That's OK, because it's not who you are. This is a severely-stressed version of you. Once the stress is gone, you will be back to the normal you. Soon after that, you will find a calmer you that can breathe easier.
-You might be surprised to learn that most non-smokers have at least tried smoking. The problem is not that they "don't get it." It's that you fell for it.
-Chemicals do not cause thoughts, cravings, or desires. Beliefs do.
-The only real difference between a smoker and a non-smoker is that the smoker believes the phrase "smoking helps." It doesn't.
-Every desire you have to smoke is born of the marriage between some incident and the belief that 'smoking helps.' Give them a divorce - we don't need their offspring. Better yet, kill off that belief. It doesn't help - not in any way, for any amount of time. If you need help believing that, just tell the folks here how useful smoking is. Then duck.
-Going back to smoking will not ease your load. You will only succeed in trading "Crap, I need to smoke" for "Crap, I need to quit." The first one is heavy, but gets lighter all the time. The second one only gets heavier.
-Smoking might be an option. Smoking is never a solution.
Last reply: July 13 @ 1:06 pm
Quit 23 days ago
Three weeks quit today! For some reason this milestone seems more significant to me than the others I've passed so far. Pretty happy with this and wanted you to know I have read the forums for perspectives that have helped!
Last reply: July 13 @ 4:17 pm
Quitting during COVID
Is it a good idea to quit smoking or vaping during the COVID-19 pandemic?