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Tammy (AlbertaQuits)
Hello Everyone! 
I’m thrilled to be part of such a positive, supportive and vibrant group! It’s amazing to see the support you give each other.  I’m Tammy and I will be the forum’s new moderator.  You’ll notice some of my colleagues joining us from time to time as well.  We’re here to support you and answer your questions along your journey, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. 
Have a wonderful day! 
Last reply: September 12 @ 7:07 pm
Quit 4,968 days ago
Repost: Pride
I am proud of my quit. I celebrate my freedom each and every day. I love no longer being a slave to my addiction.
Smoking causes smoking!!!!
So we quit smoking and everything is going great and we feel like we are on cloud nine. Then a few days go by and the quit excitement wears thin and bam our brains want nicotine again. We scramble to find a replacement for the feeling we felt when we had a smoke and everything seems to fall short.
The dopamine released when we smoke cigs does a great job of making us feel really good. Its hard when we first quit to replace the feelings we felt while smoking. It was a rush of feel good with every puff. It was that feel good feeling that made us look past the deadly side effects we were doing to our bodies. Having that feeling was worth dying for. Well almost because as we age and the side effects start manifesting themselves we suddenly realize we really don't want to die and end up here on the CUC.
So what can replace the feeling smoking gave to us. As I look back on my quit I can remember looking for just that one thing that can make me feel good. And looking back I did find it or I might say it found me. It is Pride, Yes Pride. I started feeling good about what I was doing for me. And in that Pride I found the strength to push forward with my quit. It felt great to do something I thought I couldn't do. Pride gave me strength and made me feel so good. It was like Look at me and what I'm doing.
When you have Pride in something you don't want to lose it. You protect it and do whatever it takes to keep it. You like to show it off and tell others about it. Pride is Powerful. So lets all use it. I'm proud to be quit how about you.
When we feel this way we aren't looking for ways to smoke or excuses to smoke or a smoke would taste so good. Rather we are looking for ways to lengthen our quits and do whats best for us.
So be proud today and protect your quit. Have a great smoke free weekend everyone. I want to hear some bragging from all of you.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 5:33 pm
Quit 4,968 days ago
Repost: DUH!!!
An amazing Gummer repost. I used to wonder all the time I had been quit X or XX number of days and why it was not better- wish I had read this. Quitting is not a linear process.
Have a great day.
It was snowing…..... on my way to school this morning and it reminded me of this old post:
From gummer on 3/15/2006 10:01:13 AM
We tend to become alarmed when our quits don`t seem to progress, or when suddenly we feel worse for a few days. The thought that things could actually be deteriorating after so much effort can sap our determination. And that is because we expect our quits to always move forward in a linear way, like a house being built... every day the courses of brick should keep piling upon each other, and every day visible improvements should be measureable.
But quitting is not like that. Is it? It gets better... it gets worse... it improves again... it nose dives... it rises back up... and we end up looking at the quitting rollercoaster as some enormous mystery, some incomprehensible and fickle force in our lives. We mistrust it, resent it, plead with it. It seems like nothing else we have ever dealt with and can make us feel downright helpless.
But that is only because we do not understand it.
This morning my five year-old asked me why on earth is it getting colder if it is supposed to be spring. And it struck me the answer to this problem was right under my nose... some things transform themselves in a linear way, like a house being built... and others by enormous pendulum shifts, like season changes. So yes, spring IS on the way... but in getting there we may still have some frost at night, followed by a few days of heat, and then we may even get a foot of snow... BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN SPRING ISN`T COMING! This is just the way the transformation occurs. It is a perfectly natural way of changing, and one that we have witnessed for years and years. And your quit follows the same pattern. So keep this in mind when things don`t feel so great and it might just give you the perspective you need to keep calm, and relaxed, and confident that you are moving forward in spite of any apparent setback.
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Quit 2,007 days ago
Sunday’s Pledge! Up early to go play some competitive pball in LBridge this a.m. Should be fun. Lots of yard work done yesterday. BIG win for my Leafs last night over despised Bruins. And did all this without a beer. I am slowly losing weight. About 4-5 lbs. Would smoking help? Hell no, smoking helps absolutely nothing. Welcome newcomers and milestoners!!
Last reply: Yesterday @ 11:38 am
Quit 1,877 days ago
$2999.00 dollars and I too can be healthy. Plus or minus a few supplements. But they were not selling anything? There was no lies told. But there is money to be made when people try to stop or avoid suffering. My DH loves his natural path but hates his doctor. The spiel was that lab tests in the states could get more details on your conditions and they could help to navigate the best action plan. Basically. The line was that half of all Canadians will spend the last ten years with a chronic condition. My own doctor told me to stop taking in toxic substances. Do take in good substances and move. And I did not need to pay any GST.  
Last reply: Yesterday @ 8:48 am
Quit 1,877 days ago
Good Morning and I am starting my day by pledging to stay free. I hold out my hand to healthier and wealthier. Smoking has a very high cost. I signed up for a 'free' health seminar today so I best put the extra lock on the credit card. Vulnerable people are the people who have a need and it is easy to exploit that. The tobacco corps invested a lot of money in the new nicotine delivery device. They know that there is money to be made. No to smoking. Thankfully. 
Last reply: Yesterday @ 11:31 am
Quitting in 28 days
I’m having a baby in a month and need some tips/encouragement on how to quit
Last reply: Yesterday @ 8:49 am
Quit 4,968 days ago
TGIF Pledge
Good morning all
Happy Friday!!!!!!
TGIF!!!!!! Very happy I was able to stop by before heading up to Red Deer. I am writing IPP's for the children there so I want to meet them. Doctor appt this afternoon to follow up and discuss my brace situation. That is my day done and dusted! Freedom Road is where you will find me today - life is much better there. Smoking causes smoking and gives me nothing - thank goodness I am now able to see the lies of addiction. I hold my hand out in friendship and support to the next winner saying NO to smoking today
Have a good one.
3Y 1M
Life saved
Money saved
Last reply: October 18 @ 5:45 pm
Quit 25 days ago
Happy Friday Everyone! Today is 22 days. Im so happy I have come this far. This is huge for me. And congrats to all you others who have another day quit 😊. What is the pledge thing that I see people doing? 
Last reply: Yesterday @ 11:29 am
Quit 4,968 days ago
Repost: Sometimes all you can do is.....CRY
Awesome repost.
Another day to watch dad slowly kill himself. Woke up this morning to the smell of cigarette smoke coming in my window. Dad was on the porch, smoking.
Can`t look out my window. No view to enjoy anymore.
I can hear him coughing, now.
And, in 10 minutes, he`ll go outside for another smoke.
And lose another hour of his life.
Another hour that could be spent with his family.
Nothing I can do.
Except cry.
Sometimes, all we can cry....and wait.
You know, I promised myself that I was going to leave the situation alone. Let my dad do what ever he wants, and not get involved. Not preach, not try to convince him anymore, not try to explain to him WHY he should want to live. He's chosen his fate. He knows what he's doing, he knows how sick he is...but is in denial. (as most addicts are.)
BUT, every time I look out my window, which USED to be a place of peace, quiet, calm, for me, a place to just see what`s going on in the world.....
I see him out there, smoking.
And every time I walk out my bedroom door.....
I hear him COUGHING his lungs up.
And every time I go anywhere NEAR him, I can here the labored breathing, the gasping for breath. The gurgling sounds.
When he walks, he coughs.
When he talks, he coughs.
When he BREATHES, he coughs.
This has now become......
my father.
I can`t take it.
I want to scream!
I want to stomp my feet like a spoiled brat who isn`t getting her way!
I want to YELL at him!
I want to tell him that he`s killing himself!
I want to tell him that he`s killing me.
I want to break his f***kin cigarettes in half!
I want to cry.
I want to hold him.
And I can`t do any of it.
Except cry,
and love him.
And wait to say goodbye.
Well, 4 years after writing that, I had to say goodbye for good. He didn't have a pleasent death with all of his family members around him talking about the good times. NO. He spent 1 week in the hospital dying...struggling to pain...scared...with BOTH of us crying....hooked up to machines until the end. Not the way he wanted to go. Probably not the way anyone wants to go. But, if you keep smoking...there's a VERY high chance that this WILL be the way you go. And it will be exactly what you put your loved ones through.
I think about that day EVERY TIME I see that someone on here smoked...because of stess...bad mood...or whatever. And I cry a little each time. It kills me, because YOU have the opportunity and you KNOW what it will do to you. When do YOU finally "get it?" When you're lying in that hospital bed hooked up the the machines breathing your last breath?? Really? You ALL have an opportunity here with SOOOO much help, to CHANGE the outcome of your GIVE you back life. Please stop throwing it away.
Don't decide that you "got it" when it's too my dad did. Like my mom did. Like my uncles did. Like my grandfather did.
Get it NOW. Is it hard? NO...not compared to what you're going to go through if you KEEP smoking. I had to watch all of that death. Don't make your loved ones watch that.
Now...I'm sitting here crying, and that wasn't the plan. So I'm off for a bit. This is a hard month for me. Mothers day yesterday was lonely. In another week, it will be 5 years since I sat there in that hospital room crying over my dads dying body. It's a lot. So I need to go find things that can make me HAPPY right now. And I will. Don't doubt that!
Please...remember to really THINK before you light up that cigarette. It doesn't just affect you. And yes, it will change things...but NOT for the better.
Last reply: October 18 @ 9:01 pm