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Quitting today
Hello Everybuddy!  Rockin' the first day of my Quit and I can't wait for the Days to Add Up!  I'm armed with the Gum and Delivered a Huge Basket of Flowers and Plants to my Dear Mother-in-law Today for Mother's Day. We were both delighted!!  There are so many better things to spend your money on than cigarettes!!! And I had a Lovely visit with Her!!  Wishing You ALL Well as I once again Join Freedom Road!!
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Quit 5,532 days ago
TGIF Pledge
Good morning all
Happy Friday!!!!!
Up and going for the day today - not the fastest as you can see I am late lol. Busy one for me today. Meetings this morning and taking DH to an appointment and back to the dentist for me. Glad it is a half day for me. I do not know what the day will bring but I can tell you for sure that smoking will not be part of it period. Smoking causes smoking and I will never again let it rule my life. I own my power and my place on the Freedom Road. Saying NO to smoking and holding my hand out the next winner joining me in saying NO to smoking today.
Have a good one.
3Y 2M
Life Saved
Money Saved
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Quit 120 days ago
Hello quitters! It's my 4 month anniversary today! I still read your words and encouragement often and I am confident I would have started sneaking some cigs by now if it wasn't for this community. So thank you ALL for your words and time that you put into this forum. I wasn't a heavy smoker, but it's so shocking to see how many cigs I haven't smoked in 4 months! Yikes! I'll focus on this positive today and not the fact that a raccoon killed 4 of my chickens last night. WELP.
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Quit 5,532 days ago
Repost: Slow Moving Train
Love, love, love this one!
I am now totally off the tracks!
Slow Moving Train.........................
 From ronread on 11/18/2007 8:15:35 PM
 Have you ever stopped to wonder how embarrassing it would be if you got hit by a very slow moving train?
 Not a bullet train or even an express train but a slow heavy ponderous pile of metal just trundling down the tracks.
 Not a quiet train, no stealth mode here, a noisy grinding clanking train, moving down the line, with bells and whistles to announce it's presence.
 Well if you don't quit smoking that's just what is going to happen to you.
 You know about this train, you know it's coming, you know it will not stop, you know what damage it can do, you can see it, hear it, smell it, you see it's lights, you know it's name, smoking.
 So why the HELL are you standing on the tracks.
 Quit now this train means business and it's got your name on it.
 Don't get hit by the slow moving train........................................
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Thinking about quitting
Well tomorrow will be 195 days without alcohol and 155 days without gambling.  I'm actually doing it one day at a time.  I need to quit smoking due to my recent diagnosis of emphesema.  I have tried a lot of different things and have been given many different tips and tricks.  Nothing seems to work. it is like my addiction to smoking has gotten stronger to replace the other addictions.  With the added stress of new diagnosis I am actually smoking more.  Yesterday I found out my friend who is stuck in a different country waiting for a passport has had a girlfriend for the last five and a half months.  I cannot say more than that right now.

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Quit 456 days ago
Good Morning everyone 🌞   Planting oats begins today.  The past week has been plowing, plowing, plowing....I am not a farm girl🙃  It is a stressful time getting it done and avoiding tempers smoking for me! That would only up my anxiety level!
I hold out my hand for the next person  choosing health, wealth and peace ☮
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Quit 456 days ago
1000 DAYS for ZAMEEL!!  You have achieved a huge milestone and set the bar high for those of us following!  Challenges are part of life and to remain steadfast in your quit shows much courage & strength.  All the best to you today and thanks for being part of our Quit Family ~!~
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Quit 5,532 days ago
Required reading.
Hope I have headed off living my life like this.
Quitting is a challenge but I believe living with emphysema is more of a challenge.
You can do this.
Smoking with your emphysema....true story
From ChristianneR on 1/27/2005 11:39:58 AM
I posted this in reply to someone on this board, but thought maybe someone else who needs to see it might be able to find it better if I posted a new thread.
Dear friend,
I am 56 and I was your age when the doctor told me that I was starting to develop emphysema. I thought maybe I'd give you some insight as to what your life will be like when you're 56 and still smoking.
Wake up.....can't breathe. Take off my breathing mask that I have to sleep with for sleep apnea. I forget to breath while I'm sleeping plus for some reason, when I lay down my oxygen isn't saturated by my blood, so I have oxygen hooked up, too. So I have to turn off the CPAP machine and the oxygen machine (it doesn't really go with the decor in my bedroom but there's no place I can hide it).
Barely make it to my nebulizer. Hands are shaking as I try to open my two medicine vials to put in the nebulizer. I'm deep breathing (pucker - breaths, like the respirator therapist taught me) to try and get the carbon dioxide out of my lungs). Relief, finally, after a few puffs. Finish the 15 minute treatment. Take a puff of Advair for my asthma. Feeling really great.
Pour a cup of coffee and head out to the porch to have my first 3 cigarettes of the day now that my lungs are cleared. Make sure I have plenty of Kleenex in my pocket so that when I cough up all that phlegm I have a place to put it.
Finished newspaper, coffee, cigarettes, and coughing. Am feeling a bit tired but I need to let the dogs out to run. 2 little miniature has a very slight incline but I'm already having trouble breathing. I sure hope that it's time for another breathing treatment soon......geesh! I still have to wait for another hour. Better just sit and watch television and save my energy until then. I'll clean the house later. Won't make the bed yet because I'll probably take a nap in a little bit. (with my oxygen mask, etc.)
Phone call....ran out of breath trying to get to the phone before the answering machine turns on. Having a hard time talking....hard to breath and talk at the same time. Don't seem to enjoy phone conversations like I used to.
Finally, it's 10am and I can have another breathing treatment. Let's see....time for another few cigarettes after the treatment to "clear out my lungs". Of course, if I bothered to take the expectorant that the doctor gave me, it would clear out my lungs, too, without putting all that junk back into my lungs.
Mailman came.....wonder if I'll make it to the mailbox????? Well, I made it to the mailbox but sure am having trouble getting a good breath. It's a good thing I put that chair in the front yard, halfway to the mailbox. Sit down and catch my breath. That's better. Head up to the porch to read the mail. Have another couple of cigarettes. Can't breath again but it's time for another breathing treatment. 2pm.
Better get to the grocery store in between breathing treatments. I'll take my portable nebulizer just in case I get really bad. Oh, I better not forget my oxygen because all that walking in the grocery store will use up my oxygen. I hate having to have the box girl (who is really not a girl but a woman who is probably close to my age) help me unload the groceries but I just don't have enough air left to do it myself. I smoke a cigarette in the car, remembering to turn off my portable oxygen so I don't blow myself up. Finish the cigarette and turn the oxygen back on. I sure wish it was time for that breathing treatment!!!!!
When I get home, I don't have enough air to unload all the groceries so I bring in only the frozen and refrigerated things. Dear hubby will have to bring in the rest when he gets home. Good thing I had them bag them separately at the market.
I'm so tired, probably from not getting enough oxygen and all that walking I did in the grocery store. Maybe if I take a nap until it's time for my breathing treatment, I'll feel better.
6pm breathing treatment......thank heavens!!!! Feel much better. Hubby is home so I sneak out to the front porch to have a cigarette after dinner. He's think's I've quit smoking......yeah, right! Finish my smoke.....chew some gum.....spray some perfume and I figure he won't notice the smell of the smoke.....yeah, right!
That my friend is what living with emphysema and smoking is like!
I can't begin to tell you how much I wish I had quit smoking years ago before I had done the damage to my lungs. But I also can't begin to tell you how much better I feel since I QUIT!!!! It's never too late, but then, again, it's never too early to quit smoking!
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Quitting today
Congratulations ZAMEEL!! Fantastic Job!!  I Set my Quit Day as Friday the 7th.  Let's go for it!!!
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Quit 5,532 days ago
Hump Day Pledge
Good morning everybuddy
Happy Hump Day!!!!!
Up and going for the day as I have lots I want to get done. I have meetings via teams to get some work accomplished as I want to start updating IPP's and this way I do not have to go into buildings. Computers are pretty handy I must admit. Not a lot to do around the house today but for some laundry and taking garbage out and yes get my walk squeezed into the day. Smoking - HELL NO!!!! No way no how will I ever allow smoking and its lies into my life again. No matter what happens smoking will do nothing to fix it just give me an additional problem. Freedom Road is where I live and I hold my hand out to the next winner joining me in kicking ash to the curb again today.
Have a great day
3Y 2M
Life Saved
Money Saved
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Quitting during COVID
Is it a good idea to quit smoking or vaping during the COVID-19 pandemic?