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Chrysta (AlbertaQuits)
Welcome to the Community!!

Thinking of Quitting? Recently Quit? Quit for some time.

Wherever you are along the journey of quitting your use of tobacco, you will find support here.

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Chrysta (AlbertaQuits)
Last reply: July 11 @ 8:24 pm
Chrysta (AlbertaQuits)
I hope that everyone is enjoying the new layout of the AlbertaQuits site! As well as the new look and feel for our community forum!  You may have noticed that your initial feedback has been looked at, and some additional features have been added...
- The first is that the milestone area has been expanded to include those with up to 5 years of quit time!
- Second you can now see when the last comment was made on a post without having to expand the comments (its more visible at first glance)
- I can now also "pin" a post to the top, so if there is an announcement or information that we want to provide to everyone from AlbertaQuits it will stay at the top (I'm pretty excited about that!)
- Not forum related, but "days of life saved" has been added to your profile
Regarding the request to have a library for past posts, we can't do that right now, but there is a filter button on the top that lets you sort posts based on the ones you have "liked".  That might make it easier to find things you have flagged as liking for yourself.
Keep up the great work everyone, its such a pleasure seeing all of the great tips and motivational posts you all send!
Last reply: July 15 @ 8:07 am
Quit 1,784 days ago
 Dental work was one of the reason that I had to take smoking off the table. Dentist and the dental bill was my nightmare on elm street. Avoidance was the strategy. But pain will get even my attention so then I would go. Once I thought I had might have oral cancer. Scared. The day came that I was advised to get an implant. The failure rate in smokers for implants is 30%. Thousands of dollars and that high of a risk of failure and a hole in my head? No refund meant that I had skin in the game. Now I truly would rather make my dentist wealthier then burn my money up in smoke and make the tobacco corps and tax man richer.
Quit 400 days ago
Friday's Pledge
Good Friday Morning Everyone. It's been a long week, and I have the weekend off. Hubby, and I are going to our daughters trailer for the weekend. Tomorrow we are going to experience Waterton Park together. Smoking isn't even on the agenda. Hubby is a little over 10 months now. Thank goodness for that. Not as many health worries times 2. I won't be in tomorrow so I pledge to not smoke today, and tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend folks!! N.O.P.E.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 4:39 pm
Quit 206 days ago
I quit 6months and 22days ago..... when will I start to feel better? I’m always tired, out of breath, and worst of all in a horrible mood.... I keep waiting for all the wonderful benefits people keep talking about.... somebody please help! I need advice & encouragement!! 
Last reply: Yesterday @ 4:42 pm
Quit 1,784 days ago
Your Body tells you what it needs. My mama used to say. What she did not tell me was that my body would need exactly what I gave it yesterday. We become our habits. The first thing in the morning I would need a cigarette. Is there anything more predictable then a nicotine addict? Stimulants and addictive properties and my brain will light up like the fourth of July. Changing the brain from the substances it grew dependent on will take time. Think of any addict ever. No one likes to quit.  
Last reply: Yesterday @ 12:35 pm
Quit 400 days ago
Thursday's Pledge
Good Morning All. I'm heading to Okotoks today. It's a nice drive. I pledge to keep smoking out of my life today or any day for that matter. It really is a disgusting habit. Who would like to join me for a healthier life? Enjoy your day folks:)
Last reply: July 18 @ 12:12 pm
Pockets Jackson
Quit 8 days ago
It has almost been a week since I quit,  Bad news is I have been eating more.  So, the craving now is for food not tobacco.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 10:58 pm
Quit 151 days ago
We went on holidays about 3 weeks into my quit. Drove to Arizona, so about 4 days solid driving. Actually I didn’t find it too bad because it was breaking up my routine. You know, get up coffee smoke repeat. I really like strong cough drops so I bought eucalyptus bentasil, when I had a craving I would have one. It was easier for me to stick with it the whole holiday than it was when we got back home and I wanted to fall back into old schedule. It is possible to quit, you have to want it for yourself. We will cheer you on!!!
Last reply: July 18 @ 12:09 pm
Quitting in 17 days
My quit date is impending and I've had some serious anxiety attacks. I'm terrified, because my past quitting attempts have resulted in pretty much every single physical effect that could happen! I try and remind myself of all my (very valid) reasons to quit, but could use help if anyone has any tips to calm myself down during these times.
Last reply: July 18 @ 11:24 am