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Quit 5,671 days ago
Repost: "Just One", Nicodemon's Dealer
How true is this. You would think that having tossed a 12+ year quit thanks to the help of "Just One", I would know better. But alas I hung about serial quitting thanks to my justifying a smoke and the continued belief in the words of "Just One".
When I stopped listening to "Just One", stopped making excuses to smoke and just bucked down and got to quitting - I succeeded.
Quitting is doable.
There is never an excuse to smoke period.
"JustOne", Nicodemon's dealer
From adagnabit on 6/11/2010 4:11:17 PM
If the Nicodemon is our addiction to nicotine, then "JustOne" (formerly known as Just One") is the dealer! Has anyone else run into JustOne?
JustOne is a friendly character. Always smiling and nice. Never tells you smoking stinks. And always offers you just one cigarette.
JustOne is known for telling lies, making false promises, and bringing those that have quit to their knees!
Have just one, you know you want to prove to yourself that it'll taste horrible, then you'll stub it right out. Its ok, prove it to yourself, justify your quit. (We all knew they tasted horrible when we were smoking them, one of the reasons we quit was because they just didn't taste good any more.)
Have just one, you know you'll probably choke on it because you haven't smoked in so long, you'll stub it right out. Its ok, you need to prove to yourself that your lungs are healing, and that you really don't want that smoke, just take a couple drags. (You KNOW your lungs are healing! You may have coughed up all that "junk" or you are coughing it up, or you can actually SMELL stuff now . . . c'mon, JustOne's lying to you!)
Have just one, nobody needs to know, your clothes won't smell like smoke from only one cigarette. Its ok, trust me. (And what did you get from this scum the last time you believed? You got your addiction back!)
If you find yourself in the company of JustOne, do not try to apprehend the dealer yourself. Call for backup! JustOne is armed and dangerous. Again, do NOT attempt to handle JustOne yourself! Instead, leave the area immediately and call for backup!
Please do whatever it takes to avoid "JustOne".
(This has been a public service announcement, we now return you to our regularly scheduled programs.)
Time Smoke-Free: 15 days, 15 hours, 44 minutes and 12 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 157
Lifetime Saved: 1 day, 4 hours
Money Saved: $33.75
Last reply: July 28 @ 7:50 am
  • M
    Quit 3,738 days ago
    July 27 @ 8:08 am
    I'm glad you caught on like I did as well Carolyn . After giving away an eight year quit I learned nope is the only way to do this and keep a quit . 
    How soon after did you start your final quit Carolyn ? For me it was years of smoking after " just one " was my only intention  . Just one led to years and to more smoking . From one pack to nearly two a day . 
    How many years did you smoke Carolyn . For me , I smoked 28 years . 
    I now have more years I've never smoked than years I have smoked . Thanks  to quitting and old age lol . 
    With the two fairly successful quits  had I not had " just one " I would now have 18 years smoke free in total , plus the first 18 years of my life I never smoked. Peer pressure was my start . 
     The key is to quit and stay quit are never ever think one puff is all you will have . Everything started our addiction with one puff , one measles cigarette started a forest fire within end it grew from there . It won't be any different the second time . Take it from those who thought that very thing . 
    Just one thinking is trouble or an AA term says it well , its stinkin thinkin . One puff is smoking . Don't give away what you've fought hard for . I'm no different . 
    • Carolyn
      Quit 5,671 days ago
      July 27 @ 12:53 pm
      I smoked about 10 years before I quit the first time for 12 plus years. The 2nd smoking time was at least 9 yrs possibly more including serial quitting. I have about 27 yrs quit now 20 yrs smoking but I wall say smoking made breathing a major challenge for me. 
  • M
    Quit 3,738 days ago
    July 27 @ 8:10 am
    Measly , not measles .. no edit here ? 
    • Tess
      Quit 595 days ago
      July 27 @ 8:54 am
      There is an edit on the right side but I don't see it on your post ?!
      "Just one"  thoughts of that dance in my head every once and a while.  My last quit was dirty; this one is clean and is SO much better!!
  • m
    Quit 2,580 days ago
    July 27 @ 9:37 am
    I wish I had kept my quit after I had my daughter. I had no idea how valuable that quit was. But it really was over after I smoked that smoke that was offered me during my first coffee break when I went back to work. If there was a time machine.....
  • Terry1963
    Quit 1,196 days ago
    July 27 @ 10:06 am
    Live, and learn :)
  • tman55
    Quit 2,710 days ago
    July 28 @ 7:50 am
    Justone is an ahole!😀
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