Become a QuitCore Facilitator

  • Obtain a letter of support from your manager
  • Attend a QuitCoreFacilitator training session.

QuitCore Facilitators:

  • provide  tools, strategies and skills to help participants  quit smoking or using other forms of tobacco, and connect  them with others who are also trying to quit
  • offer  QuitCore Group Program sessions at their own location or they can partner with existing QuitCore programs
  • offer QuitCore Groups at various locations such as Primary Care Network Clinics, workplaces, community health centres, addiction and mental health clinics, libraries, etc

The Tobacco Reduction Program (TRP):

  • offers QuitCore Facilitator Training for Health Professionals
  • provides resources and outcome evaluation support
  • provides  provincial registration support through the AlbertaQuits Helpline (Healthlink)


  • Is a free group tobacco cessation program
  • Includes six sessions over six to nine weeks
  • Is offered in communities around the province.
  • Participants register by calling the AlbertaQuits Helpline, completing an online registration, or by fax referral from a health care professional
  • Participants are also offered information on concurrent Alberta Quits cessation support through online support at AlbertaQuits.ca and telephone support through the AlbertaQuitsHelpline at 1‐866‐710‐7848(QUIT)