Residential Tobacco Treatment Program

New pilot program application package

Alberta Health Services is committed to providing an array of tobacco cessation supports and services that meet the needs of a variety of Albertans, including vulnerable population groups.

Alberta Health Services Tobacco Reduction Program and Lander Treatment Centre are partnering to pilot an eight-day residential tobacco treatment program for individuals seeking a more intensive tobacco cessation program.

The next dates for this pilot program will be November 8 – 15, 2017 and January 17 – 24, 2018 with 4-8 participants in each.

Participants will be referred into the program by a health professional who will complete a thorough assessment and provide counselling support to the participant before and after treatment.

Applications are now being accepted into this program. Below you will find:

  • Referral Party Letter with details about the program and referral process.
  • Participant Information and Consent Form with important details about the program.
  • Residential Tobacco Treatment Program Application including forms that need to be filled out by referral party and your physician.