Teachers and School

These resources are innovative, evidence-based and follow best practices in prevention education. The resources include activity books, grade-specific detailed lesson outlines, interactive presentations, material to encourage class discussion, and a variety of pre-developed cross-curricular activities to integrate into a variety of learning experiences.
  • The Academy for Tobacco Prevention

    A school-based resource targeted for Grade 4, 5 and 6 classrooms in Alberta to educate and engage students about the harms of tobacco use and the health benefits of never using tobacco products.
  • Electronic Smoking Products

    Information on what you need to know about electronic smoking products.
    • Electronic Smoking Products [PDF] - 2045KB

      A PDF download with information on electronic smoking products. This is not intended for use with students, but for the information of the adults who are in the lives of the students.
    • What About E-Cigarettes and Vaping [PDF] - 1185KB

      Designed for use with high school students by teachers or those who have relationships with youth already. This presentation uses evidence-based media literacy and social competence approaches, such as awareness of media tactics and consideration of personal goal setting. Please note the speaking notes, as they include much of the teaching approaches.