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Whether you're considering quitting smoking, or have made the decision to quit smoking, the help you are looking for is right here.
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AlbertaQuits can help you stop smoking

With proven results, years of experience and thousands of “graduates”, AlbertaQuits is here to help you make your life smoke-free. The services are free, the community is waiting and the water is warm. Dive in and change your life.
  • Online

    AlbertaQuits Online offers you FREE web-based support 24/7.

    As a AlbertaQuits member you will receive a personalized dashboard, supportive timely notifications, interactive activities, a guided quit plan and community support.

  • Phone

    FREE personalized support from trained Cessation Counsellor.

    Open 8am - 8pm seven days a week our Cessation Counsellor will help you develop a quit plan, deal with cravings, and provide ongoing support to keep you motivated.

  • Text

    Get 24/7 support whenever you need it, wherever you are.

    Our text program delivers evidence-based, supportive messages based on your quit date. You can use keywords at any time for additional support.

  • Group support

    Get the support of a group under the guidance of a professional.

    Come together to share your experiences, struggles and milestones with one another. Hear from other people just like you and share in each others strengths.

AlbertaQuits wants to stamp out smoking across Alberta

How are we doing?
The numbers speak for themselves:
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Money saved
Days of life saved

Who is it for?

If you currently smoke and are looking for help to quit, or have recently quit and are looking for support, you are in the right place. Want to support a friend or family member? We have you covered. Are you a healthcare professional who wants to make a difference? We have the tools you need.

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A big part of your success is going to be leaning on others. Don't worry you will be helping others too. The community, the stories, the quit coaches. They all work together to build success.

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