AlbertaQuits Learning Series

The AlbertaQuits Learning Series provides health professionals with the awareness, knowledge and skill set needed to assess and implement tobacco intervention effectively in a variety of healthcare settings. Research shows that receiving support and advice from a health professional specially trained in tobacco cessation can double a tobacco user’s chances of successfully quitting. According to the national CAN-ADAPTT Guidelines health professionals are advised to identify and provide at least minimal support to every client or patient who uses tobacco products

The AlbertaQuits Learning Series includes online/e-learning and classroom/Telehealth trainings. It delivers comprehensive, competency-based, and best-practice learning units to a broad health professional audience. You can take individual units on specific topic areas to suit your needs and link them together to advance your skills for working with people who use or are exposed to tobacco or tobacco-like products.

The AlbertaQuits Learning Series also prepares health care professionals for the opportunity to write the national Certified Tobacco Educator exam through the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (CNRC). 

  • In-Person Workshops

    Classroom & telehealth sessions
  • E-Learning Courses

    A series of e-learning units that can be taken independently
  • Certified Tobacco Educator

    The Certified Tobacco Educator (CTE) credential recognizes healthcare professionals who provide tobacco prevention and cessation services to their clients