The AlbertaQuits Learning Series provides health professionals with the awareness, knowledge and skill set needed to assess and implement tobacco intervention effectively in a variety of health care settings. Research shows that receiving support and advice from a health professional specially trained in tobacco cessation can double a tobacco user’s chances of successfully quitting.  According to the national CAN-ADAPTT Guidelines, health professionals are advised to identify and provide at least minimal support to every client or patient who uses tobacco products.

Whether you are taking training to enhance your tobacco reduction knowledge for client care or to become a national Certified Tobacco Educator (CTE), you can take individual units on specific topic areas to suit your needs and link them together to advance your skills for working with people who use or are exposed to tobacco or tobacco-like products.

The AlbertaQuits Learning Series can prepare health care professionals for the opportunity to write the national Certified Tobacco Educator exam through the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (CNRC). Five units below with double asterisks “**” are required pre-requisites for the Certified Tobacco Educator (CTE) Exam.

See below the current AlbertaQuits learning units available. For an in-depth listing that includes the learning units descriptions, format (e-learning or classroom/Telehealth), and estimated completion time please click to the AlbertaQuits Learning Series Syllabus page. (A printable PDF version is listed below as well.) E-learning units are presented on two platforms: one for AHS staff and one for non-AHS staff. To register, click the relevant green line associated to the learning unit you want to take.

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Level 1 - Foundation

Tobacco Basics**    
AHS Staff
Non-AHS Staff

Foundational Health Educator**    
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Level 2 - Cessation

Brief Tobacco Intervention  
AHS Staff
Non-AHS Staff

Intensive Tobacco Intervention**  
AHS Staff
Non-AHS Staff

Tobacco Cessation Pharmacology**    
AHS Staff
Non-AHS Staff

Tobacco Cessation Pharmacology for the Mental Health Population  
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Level 3 - Skill Development

Applied Tobacco Intervention**  
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Level 4 – Facilitator Training and Certification

QuitCore Facilitator Training  
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Certified Tobacco Educator   
CNRC Website: www.cnrchome.net
CNRC Email:

Individuals who have completed the 5 courses in our AlbertaQuits learning series to prepare for the November 16, 2018 online CTE exam should complete and submit your final case study assignment by October 26, 2018. This case study assignment is an additional tool to assess how well you have integrated the health educator and tobacco educator portions of our training as you prepare for the exam. You should receive feedback on the assignment by November 9th, 2018. Download the final case-based assignment here.

Please Note:  When you click on a link taking you to one of our two e-learning platforms (MyLearning and Chronic Disease Management) you will need to create a log-in the first time you visit the platform. Once you have logged into the platform search in the course calendar using the word tobacco. This will bring up the list of available courses and you can select the one you wish to enrol in. Each time you log-out of the course you will need to log-in again.

For answers to other Frequently Asked Questions, please refer the AlbertaQuits Learning Series FAQ. For additional information contact: tru@albertahealthservices.ca