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Quit 1,180 days ago

Pay Off.

July 16, 2017
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I tried many times and many methods to get here and I took something from every attempt. I like the idea that I don't lose I learn. I tried Champix as well, twice. The way that stuff works is a chemical that blocks the chemical in the tobacco. So no pay off. So what learned from that experience was I still really wanted the pay off. The hit. I was addicted to a chemical. And I really did not like taking a pill, that impacted my body. But I was o.k. with sucking on a product sold to me with thousands of chemicals designed specifically to keep me hooked. The pay off of truly getting off the drug, when it is no longer needed to feel normal and happy, and comfortable. I no longer have to go to the store and pay for something that hurts me. Undo the bonds of physical, mental and emotional dependency. And track the benefit. Payday!

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