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August 12, 2017
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Repost: Valid Excuses to Smoke

There is never a vaild excuse to smoke.... period! If you plan on succeeding - you must get this. When I serial quit, I made tons of excuses - for me this quit was different as I refused to allow there to be any excuse to smoke. Quitting is not always easy, but it is doable KTQ Cara D4168


Repost from the olden days - still a good one I think.

i just ran across this post that i saved from quitsmokingdiaries.com in the early days of my quit and thought i'd repost it - it was posted by a diarist who called himself "Cold Turkey" (quitsmokingdiaries.com appears to be pretty much dead these days...):


Valid Excuses To Smoke


"I was stressed out, so I started smoking again."

Oh? And smoking relieves that? Or are you just a stressed out drug addict? How do nonsmokers deal with stress? They don't shoot up with heroin and snort cocaine, right? (Well, most of them don't, anyway...)


"Everyone thinks I'm a grouch and they begged me to start smoking again."

Oh? Were you purposely extraordinarily grouchy and did you give up your self control so that you could sabotage your quit? And even if people beg you to start smoking again, are they going to be the ones with lung cancer, emphysema, and a stoma? Chances are, most people would be more than happy to put up with a little bitchiness, in order to see you break this addiction in the long-run.


"I'm gaining weight so I started smoking again."

So you're going to TRIPLE your chances of a heart attack by being an overweight smoker? Bravo... Bravo.... *applauding* That makes A LOT of sense! NOT!! Pfffft...


"It's just too hard and I'm tired of trying."

Chemo-therapy is a real bitch too, but unless you want to die, you'll probably have to continue doing that. Much better if you can head it off by not smoking now. Having emphysema is hard: Like almost IMPOSSIBLE, when all you want to do is take a normal breath and you CAN'T."


"Quitting is just too depressing."

And dying from cancer isn't? Seeing your family gathered around your bedside as you lay there in pain, doped to the gills, unable to say anything because you're so out of it: This is an easy thing? Oh.


"It's taking too long! I can't stand this anymore!"

So you are choosing to stop trying? Guess what? Lung cancer, emphysema, liver cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer, lymphatic cancer: NONE of those are quick! Can you count on being lucky enough to have a heart attack or a stroke? And how long will those first nights and weeks and months and holidays feel for your family after you've succeeded in slowly killing yourself? In short, there is NO valid excuse to begin smoking again. If you are going to start smoking again, at least be honest enough to say, "I'm smoking again because this is what I have chose for myself." But there are no valid reasons for smoking, and no valid excuses.

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    Sorry folks - I reposted with the proper title

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