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Repost: Emotions of Change

August 12, 2017
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Repost: Emotions of Change

Great repost. Have a good day! KTQ Cara D4168


°Emotions of Change From Peter_is_in on 1/23/2008 10:56:13 PM

The following just comes from personal observations I have made over the duration of my quit, here and within myself.

There are many that look at themselves in their quit journey and question their sanity. Whether in the planning stages, or during the first phase of the quit, some people seriously feel emotionally confused. Some will openly ask if their ‘mental state’ is normal or not and there are many that feel too awkward to bring the question to surface. Unfortunately there are some that feel ashamed about their emotional state when involved in a quit. They are truly scared about the ‘new’ person they see.

Many times I have read new quitters remark ‘I thought I was the only one . . .’ when they realize that others also suffer from emotional upheaval in their quit. In itself, that revelation represents a healthy start of open communication, which in turn can resolve many questions regarding effects of quitting.

One of the biggest concerns during a quit revolves around personality change, if any, that may occur once we are dealing with a new smoke-free self. Although it is true that without the influences of all the poisons of smoking, we can expect some change, it certainly doesn’t reflect all the changes we first feel in our quit.

People make a mistake by seeing the emotional turmoil at the beginning of a quit as a revelation of their true smoke free self. But it certainly is not. The person you are experiencing at the start is filled with fear, apprehension, uncertainty of success, feeling lost, and one whose body is going through a cleansing stage.

It is important to realize that quitting smoking is a huge change in your life. To feel sad, angry, frustrated, overly focused on ‘losing your friend’, and ‘trigger teary’ is quite normal. The good news is that it does pass. The trick is that you should not let the first emotions of quit dictate how you see yourself, you future, and in turn how you see your quit. Never let the Emotions of Change ruin your resolve to quit.

So believe in yourself, trust that a better you will come out of quitting. In the meantime expect your emotions of change to come along . . . and don’t stifle them . . . they are all a part of your cleansing, an important part of your quit.

Above all, become your own best friend in your quit. And when things get rough and your emotions bounce around, your best friend will understand and be there for you. And of course, all of us here will also be here for you.

Peter 50mths

_ ‹(•­­¿•)› ¯°°°¯¯°°°¯¯¯¯ . . . watching out for newbies

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