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Emotional Regulation.

September 13, 2017
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A lifetime of habit of having a smoke any time anger or fear or frustration or hurt. I remember my mom offering me a smoke after a trauma at the age of fifteen. I did not know she knew I had started. We tried to hide it as a kid but our parents were not as dumb as we thought. I watched my sister talk back to mom once and when mom butted her smoke my sister did run. I watched my other sister start smoking two packs a day after her husband left her. She was so stressed that she wanted a smoke while she was having a smoke. If anxiety is the feeling when the nicotine drops and the brain needs the nicotine quicker when stress happens, it creates a loop. The payoff is short lived. That few seconds of relief that a puff used to give. I am still working on better ways to react to stress. Thankfully there are many better ways.

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  • tman55
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    5 months ago #

    Better ways indeed. Smoking did not ever do what I thought it was doing. I was an addicted fool!

  • Carolyn
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    5 months ago #

    Yes thankfully there are better ways - we just have to leave our comfort zone to discover them

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