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Thursday Morning Pledge

October 12, 2017
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Good morning all Happy Thursday!!!!

Had a sleep in as I am hanging out working from home and going to locations close to home. I need to go visit a kiddo but still waiting for him to arrive at his centre. Big meeting with head honcho's this afternoon - I so hate that. Lots of work to do and my computer is home to do it. Smoking - who has the time or interest in that... NOT me for sure!!!!!. Living the dream on the Freedom Road and saying NO to smoking today - who will join me?????? Have a good one Cara D4229

2Y 7M Life saved

$63,435 Money saved

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  • Keener
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    4 months ago #

    Kinda cranky this morning - trying to get through to Telus! Anyway, weather is going to improve, we get supper with our grandson and the furnace will be inspected today along with a duct cleaning. No time nor desire for a puff!

  • m
    Quit 1,270 days ago
    4 months ago #

    I am in, NO smoking for me! I hold out my hand and say step up! It is worth it. Wealth and health, just one little transformation ahead. Reach out and grab on because it is doable.

  • tman55
    Quit 1,400 days ago
    4 months ago #

    I'll join you all!! Treadmill time and then off to Bellevue to play pickleball this afternoon. Most of my leaves raked so time to have some fun today. Smokings for losers right? Who else will be a winner today?

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