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Welcome to the Cancer Treatment Journey Forum

February 2, 2018
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Being diagnosed with Cancer can be a very scary and confusing time. You may think it is too late to quit, that the damage is already done. You may believe that smoking caused your cancer and may feel like you have brought this on yourself.

If you use tobacco and have cancer, don’t blame yourself at this time. Quitting can have immediate benefits.

My name is Brian and I am your moderator. I am here to help provide you with answers and possible solutions during this trying time. Regular members will provide you with their own personal experiences and provide additional assistance and support. Please follow our simple guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all our participants.

Brian (AlbertaQuits)

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    Quit 4 days ago
    2 weeks ago #

    This has been the biggest struggle of my life I will take all the help I can get

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