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Pretenders vs Contenders

October 12, 2018
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This is a personal fave of mine!

What are you? Me, I am a contender! KTQ Cara D4594



Lots of Newbies join the Q every day with hopes of quitting smoking. They set down their Quit date, they buy their NRTs, and then they make a decision and don`t even realize that they are making the decision. They decide if they are going to be Pretenders or Contenders.

Pretenders pick a quit date but then that date rolls around and they still have 5 cigarettes left in the pack. Darn; well you don`t want to waste them. So you smoke those last 5 cigarettes and, well now that you already smoked today, it doesn`t make any sense for this to be your quit day. So you buy another pack and set another quit date. Okay this next quit date arrives and, wouldn`t you know it, you are faced with a really stressful situation. Anybody have a cigarette? Okay you only had 1. But now the weekend is coming up and you are going out with some friends who all smoke. Alright so this weekend is not a good time to quit. We`ll start again next week. And next week becomes the following week, etc. Pretenders find every excuse available to put that quit off for just 1 more day. Pretenders are easy people to recognize - they smoke. I know; I used to be a Pretender.

Contenders, on the other hand, wake up the day of their quit and don`t have any cigarettes left. They threw those last 5 out the night before. Tore them up and flushed them down the toilet. Cigarette lighter and ash tray? Gone! Contenders are headed in a new direction. They are not going to quit forever but they are going to quit TODAY. N.O.P.E. (Not One Puff Ever) is their motto for the day. If anyone offers them a cigarette they look them in the eye and say, `No thank you. I DON`T SMOKE.` And they walk away. They drink water, they exercise, they get on the Q and vent. They do `Whatever IT Takes` not to smoke today. And at the end of the day they say, `I made it. Now, I`m not going to smoke just for tomorrow.` This is a winner. This is a Contender.

How about you? What are you going to be today? Pretender or Contender? The Q can help you but ultimately the decision is yours. Why not think like a Contender today? Just for 1 day say, `I AIN`T SMOKING NO MATTER WHAT. NO EXCUSES ARE ACCEPTIBLE. I HAVE TOO MANY REASONS TO QUIT.` That`s the attitude that will carry you to success.

So how about it: Are you a Pretender or a Contender today?

See You At The Top Dave

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  • tman55
    Quit 1,761 days ago
    4 months ago #

    I was a pretender for far too long. Now I feel like Rocky at the top of those stairs!!!

  • BobbieB
    Quit 363 days ago
    4 months ago #

    I feel like for years every pack was the last pack lol. Until i ran out! But i never changed my thinking, or got support until this quit. And this time was much easier and im so happy i didnt let this quit go

  • m
    Quit 1,631 days ago
    4 months ago #

    Who knew that winning would feel so good. I knew that loosing felt so bad. I was once accused of being a closet smoker. A pretender. Smoking at work had become such a hassle that for the last few years I patched it. So as a result many people thought I quit. They knew my spouse smoked so if they noticed the stink they attributed it to him. I had stopped smoking in my car. I was relaxed and focused at work because my nicotine needs were met. I was even privy to some of the negative gossip that some had against stinky smokers and the rather bad opinion some people had of them. I was hurt and offended by the remark. I was just trying to cope in a world that I no longer fit into. The stigma is real.

  • Karinbast
    Quit 46 days ago
    4 months ago #

    Oh I was the Queen of the Pretenders! Why? How's that? Because no one in my life, and I mean NO ONE knew I started smoking again. I'm a cleaver little smoker, even went so far as to wear latex gloves. Yup...I sure did. I didn't smoke at work and timed my last smoke before I went in.

    Well no more. When I decided to quit this last Sunday it was 2 weeks before my actual quit date, it was darn time. I was, and still am, tired of the lies and the 'pretending', thanks for the term Carolyn. But it stops now.

    CONTENDER!!! No smokes for me thank you very much, they make you lie, cheat and feel like poop, who wants that negativity in their life? not me.



  • m
    Quit 1,631 days ago
    4 months ago #

    Love it Karinbast. Honestly.

  • S
    Quit 26 days ago
    4 months ago #

    I have been a Pretender that is for sure. It is kind of like you read my mind. In past quits I would keep a couple of cigarettes around “just in case” I would give them to my husband and say don’t give these to me. Then beg him for them a couple days later. That is what I changed for this quit. I threw out the last few cigarettes, the lighters and the ash tray. I even went so far as to throw it in the neighbors trash bin so that I would not go and get them before garbage day (I know that sounds gross but the addiction is real) I am happy to say today I am a contender and I plan on being a contender tomorrow and the next day, and the next day etc.

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