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The Focus Factor

December 2, 2018
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Good morning In my early days, my quit was my focus - I paid constant attention to it. It is not like that forever - I keep my quit in the back of my mind, but it is not all consuming as it was in my early days. It does get better - keep putting one step in front of the other in your quit journey. KTQ Cara D4645


The Focus Factor From dunn on 12/29/2005 12:02:47 PM

I lurked around the Q for several days before my Quit day. I honestly was looking for the “magic ingredient” to keep this Quit. Was it….sunflower seeds, chewing straws, cold water??? I quickly realized that although these are helpful in easing Quit symptoms they were not the MAGIC I sought. So, without finding the magic I started.

It was not fun. I look back and on Day 3, I posted “Family Portrait.” It was not very complimentary of my family but they truly were on “My last NERVE.” (One person promised to pray for me….that is how bad it was), Still no magic.

Later that week, I was reading a post about how someone forgot to put on their patch. All the responses, except one, were sympathetic and funny. Leejay, admonished the poster for not keeping her Quit foremost in her mind. WOW, I thought “lighten up.” However,Leejay’s response hung with me ALL DAY. ZAP. I realized that the “magic pill” I was seeking was the “focus factor.” Simply, but eloquently said: “Ya gotta wanna.” (Gervalt)

I drastically changed my approach. Rather than my Quit fitting into my day, I made my day fit into my Quit. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the laundry piled up (it got done); paper work piled up (it got done); meals were frozen then heated (nobody perished); ect.

Give yourself permission to FOCUS on YOU and STOPPING the INSANITY. Keep your mental edge over this addiction razor sharp. It will amaze you when you give yourself no other option but to DEAL WITH IT it gets so much easier.


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