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Tuesday Morning Pledge

December 4, 2018
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Good morning everybuddy Happy Tuesday - alas not for me.

DH is having some issues with his stump - it is hot and swollen - I suspect an infection but the doctors do not know for sure. I am hoping to hear some results from testing today - but DH is feeling down. The poor man needs a win! Anyways no matter what happens I will not be giving up my spot on the Freedom Road. I am saying NO to smoking again today and offering my hand in friendship and support to the next winning quitter saying NO to smoking today. Have a great day. Cara D4647

2Y 11M Life saved

$69,705 Money saved

139,410 Unsmoked

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  • Terry1963
    Quit 247 days ago
    2 months ago #

    You are right Carolyn. DH does need a win. I hope all goes well. I will gladly take your hand, and extend mine to the next quitter. N.O.P.E.

  • tman55
    Quit 1,761 days ago
    2 months ago #

    NOPE from the south country today as well. It's Pball day in High River!! Always a blast. Can't imagine how much worse life would be if I was still smoking. Just the yard work alone would be a battle. BEST decision ever!! Who agrees??

  • Keener
    Quit 1,452 days ago
    2 months ago #

    Here's hoping DH will improve quickly. I have some gyproc work to get done and a couple of small jobs to go with it. Won't have time for smoking!

  • BobbieB
    Quit 363 days ago
    2 months ago #

    Morning all NOPE for me as well!

  • m
    Quit 1,631 days ago
    2 months ago #

    Deep breaths Carolyn. Really hope things turn around. Healing is not linear. Good health is what it is all about. Scary stuff. Smoking would not help and would just add to the struggle. Thank you for the hand up and I pledge to honour that. No to smoking and yes to healthier and wealthier.

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