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My Realizations

December 4, 2018
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Some great thoughts! I think this is something we all should take a bit of time to do. I have come to realize that smoking gave me nothing - I did it all myself. Gotta run Cara D4647


My Realizations From michellMN on 9/13/2007 2:25:58 PM

A lot of realizations have come to pass the last couple of days. I know where I am at in my quit but I am doing everything that I can to prepare for those days that aren't so easy, the ones that say, I just don't care anymore! I know there are so many other things to do but that one comfort (that's never there) that I want so bad never comes. Why smoke any when it won't give you what you want? How do you change that? How do I NEVER do this again? It boggles my mind! I just can't figure out how to deal with that breaking point!

This is what I figured out so far: Use my friends on the Q and if the computer is not available, use my quit book! I put plenty of things in there to help me not smoke! If computers are unavailable, I will keep my quit book with me!

Ask for help when I need it! Nobody forced me to smoke but others can help me not to smoke!

I will not smoke anyone's cigarettes! I will not "borrow" one from my husband, I will not bum one from anyone. If I want to smoke that bad, I will have to change my clothes, drive to the gas station, buy the pack, and smoke the whole thing myself.

I will not smoke for any feeling. I will not smoke when I am angry, sad, depressed, tired, anxious, or plain lousy. I will have to sleep on it. I will wait until tomorrow to make that decision.

I love my family but I am hurting them everytime I smoke. I don't want to do that anymore!

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  • Tess
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    The major take-away on this to me is that no matter what, don't jump into anything! Delay, take time to think about things and then decide if you really want that smoke. Chances are really good you won't if you honestly think about it!

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