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$200.00 bucks!

December 6, 2018
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What a great number! Brenda I think that is fantastic. It is about the money! ( Many reasons but money is one of them) I am so on your side in this. I am looking forward to hitting the dollar amount of $20,000.00 soon. Imagine the Christmas you could give with that kind of cash. The thing is that money is real. My mom and I dreamed of what we would do with the money if we ever won the lotto. Help family. Buy a hot tub. A wish and a dream. If you won twenty thousand that would feel good. Heck even two hundred would make me smile. But keeping your quit will feel that good. You have to believe. It is doable. It is something I look forward to. I stressed about Christmas every year. Promised myself that I would start to save. When I go shopping today I will know for sure. That I have the money that I would have burnt up in to thin air and wasted. Pledge every day. Post and read the posts. Put your hand on your heart and say I won't do it. I won't smoke. I want that money for myself and my family.

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  • Tess
    Quit 600 days ago
    6 months ago #

    It does not take long for it to add up...Congratulations Brenda! Keep going!!!

  • BobbieB
    Quit 459 days ago
    6 months ago #

    200 bucks is great!

  • Carolyn
    Quit 4,818 days ago
    6 months ago #

    Congrats Brenda! Wish I knew where my quit money was - oh yeah I drive it around as I finally was able to buy new cars lol

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