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Things I DON'T think about by Carly

January 9, 2019
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Very true post. I wish I had done what Carly talks about - I spent so much time being negative - it may well have gone easier for me had I been focused on positives - they are there - with a little effort you can see them. I best get ready for work and take off. KTQ Cara D4683

***************************************************************************************************************************** Things I Don't Think About. By Carly From CarlyKicksButts on 11/4/2010 6:28:07 AM

Even after a year quit, I am finding that there are some things I just cannot think about because it will drive me crazy or introduce 'stinking thinking' into my world. Frankly, I'm crazy enough already without bringing crazy thoughts into the mix.

So, thoughts I don't play with:

1. I don't sit and think about the times of day that I USED to "enjoy" smoking. I just refuse. Why think about that ON PURPOSE for pete's sake? I enjoy breathing SO MUCH MORE that I'm better off taking a couple of nice deep breaths instead!

2. Slips and relapses. Even after a year quit, I don't dwell on others' slips or relapses or think about my own from the past. I'm quit. This is the final quit. And it's much MUCH easier to STAY quit than to slip and try to FIND a quit, so why even THINK about slips? No thanks. My head stays outta that space completely!

3. The old brand. Sometimes folks will mention a particular brand they smoke/used to smoke and sometimes it will be my old brand. I push that thought right out. Don't want to remember anything about it. I just click on something else instead and keep moving forward.

There are others, but the idea is that, as Markwb has said, don't entertain UNhelpful thoughts. If a thought isn't there in SUPPORT of you, get rid of it right away and just keep the HELPFUL thoughts.

My job, since the moment I put down the poison, is to NOT think about the act and instead think of all the positives of me new life of freedom. This strategy has worked pretty well for me. And if I ever start "romancing the smoke" I get rid of those thoughts post haste.

There are a million things we can do to quit, smoking cessation aids, books, drugs, etc., but to me, the CORE foundation of a quit is what you let in your own mind...your thoughts. YOU get complete control over what to do with them. So get rid of the unhelpful ones and focus on the helpful ones!



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  • eupnea
    Quit 100 days ago
    5 months ago #

    Nice! My positive thought for the day will be all the extra TIME I’ve gained in a day.

    • tman55
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      5 months ago #

      Isn't that the truth. I used to work 12 hour night shifts. I could usually burn thru 20 cigs pretty easily. At 5 minutes a pop that's over 1.5 hrs of unproductive time per shift. I used to wonder why I was scrambling to get my reports done at quitting time?? Duh??

      • BobbieB
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        5 months ago #

        Yes! We all have enough to do without the burden of smoking!

  • Tess
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    5 months ago #

    Opening that door of thought, just a crack is enough for all sorts of old, dysfunctional riff raff to come through. I do several door slams a day - still!!

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