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TGIF Pledge

January 11, 2019
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Good morning all TGIF!!!!!

DH is not coming home today - they thought there might be the start of an infection so he is remaining in hospital, but so far it is looking good - he maybe will make it home next week. I was up on time, but spilled some meds sigh and the cute kitty is driving me crazy - but I am not smoking so we will hold on to that positive. I am living the dream on the Freedom Road and yelling loud and clear HELL NO to smoking. My hand is offered to the next winner joining me today. Have a good one. Cara D4685

2Y 11M Life saved

$70,275 Money saved

140,550 Unsmoked

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  • m
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    5 months ago #

    Patience is one of the stress coping skills Smoking is not. The want may be for him to come home but the need is to protect what has been done so far. Deep breathing and nourish yourself Carolyn. Healing is possible as we all know so I hold out my hand to healthier and wealthier. Doable!

  • Keener
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    5 months ago #

    You'll just have to be patient, Carolyn. The docs will send DH home when it's ok to do so. Not much planned for today but that doesn't mean I'll be smoking! Yuck, why would I?

  • tman55
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    5 months ago #

    Fun day of pball yesterday. Going to wash and vacuum wife’s vehicle and replace a piece of soffit the wind blew down for me. I better sneak in a treadmill session too. Smoking? Ain’t gonna happen on this day. Anybody else?

  • BobbieB
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    5 months ago #

    No smoking here folks! Happy Friday!

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