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Rocks in your head.

January 11, 2019
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My sister was told that when she went through her divorce. "The rocks in your head no longer match the holes in his head." I think that applied when I broke up with tobacco. The science of it. My brain has nicotine receptors and cigarettes contained nicotine. I just googled that and the affect on human function is all there in print. I did read that nicotine was useful in people with Parkinson disease. So quitting is about changing the brain. One site said that it takes one month for the synapses to really settle down. It is early days in my quest to get off caffeine. Ten days only. But I notice that my bed is easier to make in the morning. Not so much thrashing around. Related? Also I have not had a craving for chocolate. One is too many and a thousands not enough. So I intend to invest in a rock polisher. Healthier and wealthier.

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  • tman55
    Quit 1,879 days ago
    5 months ago #

    Well done. Rocks are cool.

  • BobbieB
    Quit 481 days ago
    5 months ago #

    Yes i hear ya. I watched something recently by this speaker, hes actually a yoga guy from india. Hes says when something is false for us we have to put in so much effort to hold it up. But whats true for us requires no effort it just is. So i think thats what happened with smoking for us all it just bexame untrue and then we couldnt do it anymore. People who still smoke think its true for them so they smoke.

  • Carolyn
    Quit 4,840 days ago
    5 months ago #

    OMG you just made me laugh so hard - thanks for the morning smile - and yes the serious message but I am still stuck on the rocks lol

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