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Sunday Pledge.

February 10, 2019
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I am pretty sure. This winter is a reminder of what winter can be like. Grateful that I do not need to go to work. Grateful that I do not need to smoke. I pledge to stay that way. Drug dependency sucks and addiction is progressive. I choose to be healthier and wealthier and I hold out my hand to the next person who likes the grass greener. Doable.

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  • Carolyn
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    2 months ago #

    Good morning all Happy Sunday!!!

    Another day of me staying warm and snug inside the house. I have some cleaning to get done today and apart from that, some reading and some TV to be watched. Tomorrow I should make it in weather permitting as DH is back in for what we hope is the final surgery. Smoking wont be part of my world today or any day. Smoking does nothing for me but cause me additional problems. Smoking causes smoking. I am keeping on the Freedom Road and saying NO to smoking today. My hand is offered to the next winner joining me in kicking ash to the curb today. Have a Super Sunday!!!! Cara D4715

    2Y 11M Life saved

    $70,725 Money saved

    141,450 Unsmoked

  • tman55
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    2 months ago #

    Wifey and I went 5-0 at pickleball party, won a gift basket in a draw and the Leafs beat the Habs! Great night! Trying to see what we’ll get up to today but rest assured smoking does not play a part in my day. Who would like to join us here in Quitsville??

  • Keener
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    2 months ago #

    Lots of room in Quitsville, tman. So let's spread the word! We have to head out for some groceries and then to our grandson's hockey game. Wind-chill was -41 when we got up this morning!

  • BobbieB
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    2 months ago #


  • Terry1963
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    2 months ago #

    I had to work this morning, and this afternoon I start a prep for a colonoscopy. I really hope everything turns out ok. On that note I will not smoke today or any day. So far all my tests have came out on the good side. Fingers crossed on this one. Smoking all those years is the reason for all these tests. It's the reason for all these worries. I am so happy that that filthy habit is behind me. Keep warm everyone

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