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Now that I've been quit

February 11, 2019
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Awesome gummer repost and so very true. We suffer because we smoked not because we quit. Quitting is doable! Have a great day. Cara D4716 *****************************************************************************************************************

Repost =============================================

Now that I`ve been quit a good long time it is so obvious what smoking gave me.

What it gave me is what you are experiencing now.

Yes, that feeling of wanting to crawl out of your skin... that endless void... that persistent anxiety... that irrascibility... that dull aching in your chest.

That`s what smoking gave me.

And yet all the years I smoked I could not see this. I thought it gave me enjoyment, and relaxation, and courage, and mental sharpness, and entertainment, and calmness...

But in reality it never gave me any of that. All it gave me was the addiction... which is all those bad things you are feeling now. THAT is what smoking delivers. And that is why today I can so confidently say that I will never smoke again... and that I have no desire for it.

Because I KNOW what it really delivers... and who in his right mind would want what YOU are experiencing NOW?

Not me. And most likely not you either.

So what`s the moral of this story? See smoking for what it really is, and understand what it really gives you, and you can free yourself from this addiction forever.

So next time you have a gut-wrenching withdrawal, look at those cigarettes, and understand that THAT IS ALL THEY GIVE YOU. And then ask yourself if you really want that cigarette you`ve been so obsessed about after all.


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  • tman55
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    2 months ago #

    Addiction is sneaky. Warps your brain to believe the worst.

  • m
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    2 months ago #

    Go Gummer!

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