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TGIF Pledge

March 15, 2019
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Good morning all Happy Friday!!!!!!!

An extra happy day for me today as I am celebrating 13 years quit. Work today is pretty laid back. I am into my office for the morning and a meeting and get to come home after picking Charlie up at daycare. Taking animals to the vet - Hobbs for a nail trim, Charlie for a check up and shots and that will be my day done. Smoking - well you know I am shouting a big HELL NO to that today and any day. Never giving away my spot on the Freedom Road again. I offer my hand to the next winning quitter saying NO to smoking today Have a great day. Cara D4748

2Y 11M Life saved

$71,220 Money saved

142,440 Unsmoked

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  • Terry1963
    Quit 343 days ago
    2 months ago #

    A couple of early birds we are Carolyn. Again, I'd like to Congratulate you on this amazing milestone. We share the same # 15 for our quit dates. I am 9 months today. It would be my pleasure to join you on Freedom Road for a day of not smoking, and I offer my hand to all who join us. Happy Friday Everyone.

  • BobbieB
    Quit 459 days ago
    2 months ago #

    Congrats to you both!! What accomplishments. Glad to join you not smoking here! Nope!

  • AileenA
    Quit 76 days ago
    2 months ago #

    Congratulations to all on reaching your amazing milestones! You are all an inspiration to me on my journey along the Freedom Road. I pledge to say HELL NO to smoking and to take it one hour at a time. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!!!!!

  • Keener
    Quit 1,548 days ago
    2 months ago #

    Way to go, ladies. Carolyn, your goal gives us all a target! Finished the income tax returns yesterday so will get them off today. Then heading outside to enjoy the warm weather. Supposed to be 23 by Tuesday!

  • m
    Quit 1,727 days ago
    2 months ago #

    Happy to join you all on freedom road. My health and wealth are not worth sucking on those toxic tobacco sticks. Healing is doable. Thank you Carolyn for leading the way. Measurable results! Lucky thirteen! Happy to see so many new people. No to smoking. I pledge.

  • Shan054
    Quit 94 days ago
    2 months ago #

    Congratulations to all who have said hell no! Friday and I pledge to keep on saying no.

  • tman55
    Quit 1,857 days ago
    2 months ago #

    Standing O Carolyn. You continue to lead us down Freedom Road! Might take in a spring training ball game today. Wife’s brother n wife visiting. Smoking? Not gonna happen. Anyone else?

  • Karinbast
    Quit 142 days ago
    2 months ago #

    I'm with you all, no smoking for me. Such awesome milestones showing strength and resilience. I'm happy to jump on this road with you all. Have a great day everyone!

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