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May 12, 2019
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The album of the year in 2014 by Sara Bareilles with the song Brave was my theme song in regard to my quit. That first year I spent some of my extra money on music. Quitting is scary. Stepping down a level on the patch is scary. Taking pills to help me quit was scary. How does a person cope when life gives you scary like a back surgery or brain surgery. My sister has a date for her operation and she is facing this reality with calm and focus and attention. Addiction takes away from what is really needed. The hero never said, hang on I need a cigarette. In that first year of my quit I saw myself succeed. I witness myself cope without that smoke. Those days that were a bit tougher I saw myself be brave.

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  • Terry1963
    Quit 343 days ago
    1 week ago #

    I too am brave m.m. We are all brave. This is the toughest battle I have endured in my life so far. I still seem to ride the crazy train every once in a while, but that's ok. Every time I come off that train I'm a little stronger. I will continue to send wishes to your sister. She too is brave. Same with your hubby Aileen. I have barrels of good karma, and I love sending it through wishes. We are all going to be just fine:)

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