Started smoking when I was 6, before I even formed a personality, addictive or not. Started to quit when I was in my 30's and continued trying to quit until I was 46. Tried everything...allergic to Zyban (hives reaction), cold turkey, the patch, the inhaler, cutting down gradually, read the quitting book by Allan Carr, was sent for lung cancer testing, got bronchitis, visited the cancer clinic, my cousin died of throat cancer and his funeral was on his 40th birthday (and I smoked in the parking lot)....you name it, I tried it. You name it...I had that reason to quit.

I finally found the patch worked the best, as long as I followed my own program on that. Stayed on step 1 for two months, then step 2 for two months, then gradually cut that step two patch down, then moved to step three, then cut the step three patch ...and went off the patch entirely on 11/11 and am still quit. I think I have done it this time.

Sometimes you have to give something up that you love....it is acceptance really. Acceptance of giving up something, of a loss. After acceptance of that giving up process, then you can move forward. And the key is not that you will, or have, finally quit. The key is that you never give up quitting. And I LOVE that new ad of the "smoking in the morning with the coffee and the birds chirping"...that was totally ME!!! Perfect Ad. Very effective! I thought it was a Maxwell House coffee ad at first, and I got carried away totally with the imagery etc....which is what happens with me and smoking on the patio in the sun in the morning...pretty close to the same feeling and imagery...and then I realized it was about smoking, and the hammer was brought home to me pretty hard.

VERY Perfect ad!!!! Congrats on getting away from the "one size fits all" ads and targeting specific and individual triggers instead...individual approach is very key.
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