So here I am on day 7. I just finished the John Carr book and it gave me a new perspective on quitting. I had quit several times in the past the longest being 4 years, but there was always that thought in the back of my head( just one puff won't hurt). I found the 1 puff always led back to full-time smoking.

You have to look at quitting as a rebirth of yourself. I am looking at this as I am now a non-smoker and I don't ever want another cig. I am looking at smokers as people to be pitied and not envied, after all what is there to envy? Smelling bad, poor health, freezing your butt off, lying to yourself and others, spending $13 a day to kill yourself and not enjoying life just to get that next fix.

Like I said I have a new outlook and am very optimistic about my life as a non-smoker.
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