So I decided to try one of those blood pressure machines at the drug store. 170/110....WHAT. It can't be that high, I'm only in my early 40's. Checked it three more times, all the same. So I booked an appointment with the doctor. You sir have severe hypertension and are on the verge of diabetes. You can either go on medication or make a lifestyle change.

Well that was 3 months ago. Blood pressure is 117/74 & weight is down 20 lbs. Oh did I mention I have not had a smoke in 3 months. I couldn't even bend over to tie my boots without running out of breath and gagging. 30 years of slavery to this addiction...crazy!! I now realize how much smoking held me back. I never would have thought I could be an athlete...especially at 43. Now here I am training for a half marathon.

What ever it takes, break the habit, regain your yourself!
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St. Albert