Cold Turkey

Every pack comes with a little card, the same warnings as on the front/back of the pack. Well there is one card that has a quit date spot. I picked August 1st 2015 and failed! I then decided I would cut back and chose August 14th 2015 and do it Cold Turkey!

Cold turkey isn't easy no, for sure it's not... but then quitting smoking isn't easy period... I chose cold turkey because I had tried patches, pills, gums and vape smokes (just the little 10$ Disposable none nicotine ones) and none of these ways really helped either, nor was it easy since I still wanted to smoke. Truth is, doesn't matter how you do it IMO, you are going to crave a smoke.

I was reading BC quit stories and one person said it best, that bad craving you just got, the next one will be easier. The next one will never be as bad as the last one you had. Yes, you're still going to get them, and will for a long time but fight the urge, have a glass of water, go for a walk!? KEEP your mind busy!

My apartment has never been so clean, and my dog is sick of walks! BUT my lungs feel great :) My fingers smell ( and look ) normal, my clothes, car etc smell awesome too!

Think about all that time spent smoking! if you smoke a pack a day that's 168 minutes a day spent smoking (assuming you're a 7 minute per smoker like I was)... that's almost 3 hours a day spent smoking. For most, that means you're sitting at the table, couch or porch having a smoke and maybe a coffee "relaxing"...

What I did to get through the cravings is keep busy, pick up the duster and dust the living room. Vacuum, do dishes or have a bath... keep busy that has to be the key advice. Take that energy and directed it elsewhere. I encourage you to try it. Feel how you should again, feel good, healthier and breathe how you are intended to, without a tight wheezy chest.

You owe it to yourself to quit. It's suicide to be smoking... I'm so excited to hit the one year anniversary. I feel (still to this day) so good about being a non smoker it's crazy! I regret ever starting but more so I regret not quitting sooner.

All the best to all you quitters out there! Ee can do this, let's live a long and healthy smoke free life :D XO
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Cold Turkey
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