It's like your mind plays tricks

Working on day 9 with no cigarettes and how do I feel? I'm not excited or proud....not yet. Over my 35 years of smoking I have "quit" smoking at least 10 times. I can get to about 2 months then break down and smoke. The whole, I think I can just have one. Nope not me, this will not be allowed. Addiction is big in my family, I am very cautious with alcohol and will not drink much or often and now realize smoking is mine and not even one is allowed.

I'm currently on champix but my mind is still telling me I want a smoke. Some of the time is when I would normally have one, like when I feel uptight. Some of the time it is just random. I'm fighting through it and happy I can read all of your stories plus use the quit smoking app to log cravings and keep a diary.

I will be happy and proud when I'm off champix and still not smoking.

My kids didn't even notice that I had quit. On Monday, I was busy doing something and didn't hear my youngest call me. When I got back to the kitchen he's says "I called you were you out smoking?" My response was I haven't had a smoke in a week you guys didn't notice? I was shocked they had no idea. Guess that means I'm not getting any crankier lol
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It's like your mind plays tricks