It’s time

Finally have become serious about quitting. Made plans I never did before. Have made feeble attempts before. But this time I’m arming myself with more support, aids (gonna use them properly this time by using them as per instructions instead stopping too soon). I have a plan now. I went to a pharmacist and got an intake done on my smoking( never did that before) I’m reading more educational material especially hints on how to beat the cravings. I also signed up here. I think this will make me more accountable.
I’ve smoked for 30 plus years.
My main reasons for one to smoke with anymore ( the stigma of smoking)
2. My husband is influenced by me and believes he won’t live long if he continues to smoke ( has heart issues)
3. Health ,money,you name it

Tired of this habit that rules your day. Anyway thanks for listening. Pray for me if you pray. Send good thoughts my way.
– –
It’s time