QuitCore Support Groups

QuitCore is AlbertaQuits' group support program led by trained quit counsellors to help people who use tobacco quit and stay quit.

How it Works

QuitCore is a FREE group support program that provides Albertans (18+) with the tools and skills they need to quit using tobacco. The program consists of six 90-minute sessions over a period of up to nine weeks at various locations around the province. Join a group in your community to share your stories, learn new coping strategies and celebrate milestones together.

To check dates, locations, and times of upcoming QuitCore groups visit our Support Groups page. 

There are two ways to Register

1. Register Online

If you already have an AlbertaQuits website account you can register for Groups through your My Dashboard. If you do not have an AlbertaQuits account, you can sign up for an account here. Once your AlbertaQuits website account is activated, you can use My Dashboard to request a Groups registration. A professional representative will call you at a time that fits with your schedule to discuss where you would like to attend group sessions.

By registering online, you'll also gain access to exclusive quit tools and resources available only to AlbertaQuits Online members.

2. Register by phone

Call 1-866-710-QUIT (7848) toll-free to find out about an upcoming group session in your community.

What can you learn at QuitCore?

  • how to develop a quit plan that will work for you
  • ways to deal with nicotine withdrawal and cravings
  • how to get your friends and family onboard with your program
  • tips on managing stress, healthy eating and physical activity
  • how to prevent and deal with slips
  • advice and insights from Quitcore graduates
Find support in numbers. Join QuitCore today and we can do this together.