Cope with stress

Many people smoke to deal with stress. Part of quitting is finding healthier ways to cope without cigarettes.

Everyone feels stress - it's a fact of life. Stress comes from both the good and bad things that happen to you. When you aren't sure how to handle events or situations, you worry and feel stress.

How you respond to stress can help you or harm you. No matter how much you might want a stress-free life, you actually need some stress. It can help you get going and get things done. If you find you are stressed, here is some information to help:

Common stress relievers

Here are some ideas to help you cope with stress:

  • Practice deep breathing exercises
  • Eat a healthy diet including fresh veggies and fruit
  • Spend time with supportive people
  • Reward yourself
  • Get active (walking, running, yoga, sports, and other activities can help you cope with stress)
  • Talk it out with a friend or family member
  • Listen to music
  • Use visualization or meditation techniques
  • Get outside in nature
  • Make time to do things you enjoy doing
  • Make a "to-do" list each day and check off things you've done to see everything you've accomplished
  • Write down your feelings and frustrations
  • Limit caffeine
  • Get enough sleep
Quitting during COVID
Is it a good idea to quit smoking or vaping during the COVID-19 pandemic?