Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), including electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), mods, vape pens, vapes, e-hookahs, and JUUL (a brand of e-cigarette), are battery-operated devices that have a chamber filled with chemicals. The heat from the battery turns the chemicals into a vapour. The vapour is inhaled by the user (which is called “vaping”). The use of these products has exploded, particularly amongst youth. Want to know more about electronic cigarettes and their risks?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are they safe?

More research is needed before we know if e-cigarettes are safe to use. We also don’t know what the long-term health effects are. We do know that e-cigarettes:

  • use harmful chemicals that are inhaled by the user and may also be inhaled by those nearby
  • may have nicotine, even if the packaging doesn’t say it does
    • Nicotine is addictive and affects how the brain develops in youth and young adults.
    • Youth and young adults are more likely to get addicted to nicotine compared to older adults.
  • have propylene glycol and other chemicals that add flavor that may not be safe to vapourize and inhale as an aerosol into the lungs
  • have chemicals in the e-cigarette liquid that can change how the brain develops during pregnancy, childhood, and the teenage years
  • can put you in contact with harmful metals and chemicals when the e-cigarette liquid is heated
  • shouldn’t be used if you’re young, pregnant, or don’t smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products

If you use vaping products like e-cigarettes, make sure to buy them from a legal source that you can trust. If you buy vaping products from somewhere illegal, there may be more risks to your health and safety.

Read the instructions on how to use a vaping product before you use it. Don’t change the vaping product or use it with anything that you’re not supposed to use it with. If a product isn’t for vaping, don’t vape it.

Quitting during COVID
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