Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), including electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), mods, vape pens, vapes, e-hookahs, and JUUL (a brand of e-cigarette), are battery-operated devices that have a chamber filled with chemicals. The heat from the battery turns the chemicals into a vapour. The vapour is inhaled by the user (which is called “vaping”). The use of these products has exploded, particularly amongst youth. Want to know more about electronic cigarettes and their risks?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in e-cigarette liquid?

At this time, it’s hard to know what’s in e-cigarette liquid. This is because an e-cigarette label doesn’t have to list all the ingredients. E-cigarette liquid often has:

  • glycerol
  • propylene glycol
  • added flavours

It’s important to remember that when a chemical or other ingredient is safe for food, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe to inhale into the lungs. For example, Health Canada makes sure that flavours added to food are safe. But we don’t know if these same flavours are safe for use in e-cigarettes. Some research shows that added flavours used in e-cigarette liquid can cause lung problems.

Quitting during COVID
Is it a good idea to quit smoking or vaping during the COVID-19 pandemic?