You may be hearing a lot about hookah, or waterpipe smoking (it's also called nargile or shisha).

You may also hear that it’s a safe alternative to cigarette smoking—but that’s not true. Hookah products are often described as herbal and advertised as tobacco-free, but this is misleading.

Want to know the facts about hookah/shisha? For all the information you will need go to and search “hookah”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there nicotine in hookah products?

Different hookah products have different amounts of nicotine in them. ‘Washing’ hookah doesn’t affect the amount of nicotine or make it safer. While some hookah products really are tobacco-free herbals, testing shows that even products that say ‘tobacco-free’ may still have tobacco (and therefore nicotine) in them. Nicotine is a very addictive drug that can make it hard to stop using without having the unpleasant symptoms.

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