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Repost: Acceptance
Great repost.
I gotta run.
*~ Repost: ACCEPTANCE ~*~
From Brospin3 on 10/28/2013 2:56:52 PM
This is an article I wrote a few days ago... I'm sharing it with you!
It's a short tip, but it helps me a lot and I wish it helps y'all too!!!
The best way to be a successful ex-smoker is ACCEPTANCE.
o ACCEPT you're now a non-smoker, hence you'll enjoy life 100x more than you did as a smoker.
o ACCEPT that bad things happen in everybodies' lifes. Being a non-smoker doesn't protect you from bad things... But you don't have to deal with smoking anymore, which is one of the worst things in this world.
o ACCEPT that you're an ex-smoker too. Hence you'll occasionally crave for a cigarette, even after years of abstinence. Successful ex-smokers aren't those whose cravings magically go away, but those who learn to accept their cravings and, eventually, they'll stop noticing they're there.
o ACCEPT that a cigarette would make things worse.
o ACCEPT that you didn't smoke for stress relief, for concentraction improvements, for enjoyment... But you smoked because you were a NICOTINE ADDICT. And, as a recovering addict, you can't take a single bit of nicotine unless you want to be a miserable slave of cigarettes again.
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    October 22 @ 8:54 am
    Great post!
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