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Sundays Pledge....

July 16, 2017
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Another stellar day here in Southern Alberta. Little hungover today but it's better now than when I used to smoke and drink. Thankful I no longer want those stinking cancer sticks. Who else is glad they've come to this party??

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  • Libbyb
    Quit 3 days ago
    4 months ago #

    I'm so glad!! I love that hangovers are better now too. I had no idea of that benefit until recently :)

    It's beautiful waking up to a smoke free morning, letting the day be dictated by you and not those devil sticks

    • tman55
      Quit 1,310 days ago
      4 months ago #


  • m
    Quit 1,180 days ago
    4 months ago #

    Cheers to all of you and happy Sunday. Our neighbors had us over because they had a loud band party and I can say for sure that some of them are hurting today. I danced and laughed and enjoyed myself and went to bed way late for this old girl without a hint of nicotine. Not necessary in anyway. Addiction is why it is necessary. So I pledge to keep my quit and spend my time and money on better things. I hold out my hand to healthier and wealthier.

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