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Welcome everyone!

October 18, 2017
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My name is Brian. I am the moderator of the Quit Medication & NRT board.

The Quit Medication & NRT board is a place for you to interact and have discussions about issues with using products like the Patch, Gum, Inhalers and Quit Medications. I hope you’ll join us to share your knowledge and experiences. As a moderator I will be here to provide assistance and support. Please follow our simple guidelines to ensure this board has productive conversation.

Together we can ease your journey

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  • D
    Quitting in 32 days
    1 week ago #

    Hi Brian, I have started seeing a nurse at Edmonton Northeast Julia regarding quitting. I had a one on one in person at the clinic with her, I had to cancel 2nd app't. as I got the flu. Dr. Corby had directed Julia to me as I have Schlorederma C.R.E.S.T which has lung related issues. Julia is unavailable today so I thought I would also add this site. I have monitored smoking since the 4th, tried delaying, distraction, drinking water, deep breathing. Julia thought first week monitor behavior then go for 2 different types of products to assist. I figured the patch and losenge for the elevated cravings. I purchased both and would like to know if that's a safe decision. If all is good I would like to start them immediately.

  • Brian3
    1 week ago #

    Hi Debz1960,

    Congratulations on your decision to move forward. Yes the patch plus Losenge is a safe decision. Have a look at this video for the correct use of the losenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us-jdNEHAkk&list=PL9B6508D815B3816D&index=12

    Sorry for the late reply, Brian (AlbertaQuits)

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