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Quit 1,631 days ago

Don't. Just don't.

September 14, 2018
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That is how the program ended. A radio program from BBC. The topic was nicotine E-juice for a vape machine called Juul. They were doing an interview with one of the executives from the company that sells that crap. Note the important word here. SELLS. Profit. Money. As I was listening to this guy talk my mind was like plaid shirt guy. What? Did he just say that? What a line of B.S. And they are selling it! This business is coming for you and your kids and grand kids. They want to hook your brain. Convince you to use. They will make it cool, shiny and hip. Or what ever the new words are today. Sic.? Bad? And it will work. It worked before. It will work again. It is a retrofit. I myself said "I wish there was a safer cigarette." And that is their marketing ploy. Tobacco stocks a going up. And only an ex-smoker knows. It is a hoax. It is a scam. You are getting ripped off. I can just imagine a boardroom of people saying for the last one hundred years we have sold this addictive drug. Nicotine. There is nothing more profitable then daily dependency. Create desire. Show healthy happy young people. Make it a status symbol. The fellow in the interview said the words market share. This Juul device has 76% among young people. Why is this making me crazy. There was so much in that interview that was just wrong. Lies. Using nicotine in any form just sets a person up for dependency. That dependency is over in about three days. It is hard to get through withdrawal. But anybody can do it. This guy was selling his product on a lie. The noble cloak of B.S. was the mission of his company was to convert the one billion smokers in the world to non-combustibles. It will really work for them. They will still get to reach in the pocket daily of drug dependant customers for another hundred years. When all it takes is really getting it that you don't need it after three day. Nicotine only fills the need it created. The brain heals. Three days. No two hundred dollar machine needed. No sixty dollar flavored E- drug. The broadcaster doing the interview is an ex-smoker. Don't. Just don't.

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  • Terry1963
    Quit 247 days ago
    5 months ago #

    I agree m.m. Let's hope they all out ban vaping, because unlike the past there is no advertising cigarettes. It's been working to some extent. In the past I knew tons of smokers. Today I have 2 in my life, and 1 is on his last day. Thankfully lots of people are quitting. Hopefully lots more join the Quitters.

  • Carolyn
    Quit 4,722 days ago
    5 months ago #

    I have heard talk shows where they praise up vaping. I know a couple of people who both vape and smoke. In my opinion, vaping is just like smoking. Not sure we know what is in the vape juice. I know I could never vape - I would want to smoke again in no time as that is how my addict brain works.

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