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Thursday Morning Pledge

February 7, 2019
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Good morning all Happy Thursday!!!!!

I am off to another location today - why make plans - they change constantly lol. I was to be somewhere else, but something came up and poof - I am off to somewhere else. At least the one consistent thing in life is me NOT smoking. Smoking causes smoking and I like being warm on the Freedom Road way to much to give it up. I am saying a big HELL NO to smoking today and offer my hand to the next winner joining me in kicking ash to the curb today. Have a great day. Cara D4712

2Y 11M Life saved

$70,680 Money saved

141,360 Unsmoked

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  • tman55
    Quit 1,824 days ago
    2 months ago #

    I better not complain about how chilly it is this morning.+2. Going to bundle up and play some pball. Smoking? NOPE. Care to join us?

  • BobbieB
    Quit 426 days ago
    2 months ago #

    No smoking here!

  • Keener
    Quit 1,515 days ago
    2 months ago #

    No smoking here, either.

  • m
    Quit 1,694 days ago
    2 months ago #

    Thanks for that tmann! The radio said no respite till Monday. I don't think we will make it. But I won't be smoking that is for sure. Happy to hold out my hand to the next winner who walks toward healthier and wealthier! So great to see so many new people. Keep posting and keep reading the post. Welcome.

  • Karinbast
    Quit 109 days ago
    2 months ago #

    No smoking for me that's for sure. Zumba for sure, smoking? Pfft...no way. Have a GREAT day all!

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