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Lowering my NRT

May 11, 2019
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I am ready to go to step 2 of my NRT therapy. What kind of “withdrawal” affects should I expect? Any suggestions to lessen the impact and be successful....I am a bit scared. Thank you

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  • AileenA
    Quit 76 days ago
    1 week ago #

    I am assuming you are on the patch. When I tried quitting on the patch I found that I had the same cravings and withdrawal as when I started step 1 but they weren't as strong because you are lowering the amount of nicotine. Lots of deep breathing works. Also in a quit core course I took...they told us if we are not ready to go down a step...we could stay on that step until we were ready. If you try step 2 and it isn't working work you go back to step 1...so you don't lose your quit as you have worked hard to get where you are now!!

    • jxm307
      Quit 56 days ago
      1 week ago #

      Thank you perhaps I will keep the week I still have just in case I can handle step 2.

      • BobbieB
        Quit 459 days ago
        1 week ago #

        Good advice Aileen! I totally agree with you and i also had that experience. Good plan jxm! Sounds like ur prepared so - should be successful!

      • Chrysta (AlbertaQuits)
        1 week ago #

        Yes this is great advice! jxm307 you could also add a short acting product like the lozenge, spray, or gum just for those tough cravings once you move down to step 2!

  • m
    Quit 1,727 days ago
    1 week ago #

    I was the Queen of the patch! I used it to help me cope with the ever increasing restrictions on smoking. When 9/11 happened all the smokers hit the parking lot but I was as cool as a cucumber because I had my nicotine direct. For years I only smoked three cigs a day. The first one in the morning, the one after work and the last one before bed. Sleeping with the patch gave me night mares. Then there was the time I forgot to take the old one off. Sick as a dog that day. I used the patch to get me to this quit and I do not regret doing that one bit. But like you I was still scared. The painting by Evard Munch ' The Scream' is a good metaphor for how I felt when I finally made it to the last day on the lowest dose. The bridge part in that picture is very fitting. I was leaving the land of nicotine dependency to the unknown. This quit I used the patch exactly as directed. I took it one step at a time but this quit I did not step back. N.O.P.E. The withdrawal symptoms are going to happen to some degree with each lower dose. But during those twelve weeks you are building emotional and mental skills to make this change. I began to see the milligrams on my patches and dependency as evidence that smoking is drug addiction. The strange dreams made me think about all the ways that the drug altered my mind. The scream was very fitting. Not smoking is like looking at a Monet.

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