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Sundays pledge

May 12, 2019
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Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. Today hubby, and I are taking our granddaughter to a Jurassic Exhibit at the BMO Centre. I'm a little excited about this one. First breakfast with my daughter. Then later dinner with them too. It's really nice that I am healthy enough to partake in my own life. Wealthy enough as well. The Jurassic outing is an expensive one. I will not be smoking today. No time, or desire for it. Who would love to join me for a non smoking Mothers Day? Enjoy your day!!

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  • E.Piche
    Quit 47 days ago
    1 week ago #

    i will join you in a non smoking mothers day.

  • Keener
    Quit 1,548 days ago
    1 week ago #

    Happy Mother's Day, everyone. Our daughter took our grandson to the Jurassic Exhibit yesterday and it was a full day's outing. Many people and not cheap! Big thing was that our grandson thoroughly enjoyed himself. Off to watch his soccer game this morning then supper at our daughter's. Hope the rain holds off. NO to smoking!

  • m
    Quit 1,727 days ago
    1 week ago #

    Thank you Keener and I wish all the mothers a Happy Mothers Day because it is true. Mothers make the world go around. The bright green buds on the trees made my day and I enjoyed some time with my sister. She lead the way to my taking a stab at this quit and I pledge to keep it. Healthier and wealthier has been the benefit. Now if we can just get off chocolate. I hold out my hand. Doable.

  • tman55
    Quit 1,857 days ago
    1 week ago #

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous quitters out there! Had a great day and meal in Waterton last night. Saw a mama bear and three cubs and a herd of elk as well. Love that place. Smoking?? Not today thanks. Join us?

  • BobbieB
    Quit 459 days ago
    1 week ago #

    Hope everyone enjoys mothers day, glad to be along not smoking. Well said Terry, I too am now able to partake in my own life! How great is that!! No smoking here, NOPE!!

  • AileenA
    Quit 76 days ago
    1 week ago #

    Happy Mother's Day!!! Sat on the deck yesterday and got a little burnt!!! Staying out of the sun today! I will join all of you and pledge to NO smoking and to take it an hour at a time!!!

  • Shan054
    Quit 94 days ago
    1 week ago #

    Wishing the best to all the moms! Great day boating yesterday and no smoking. I pledge no smoking today too.

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