Bill Weston

I first saw Barb Tarbox's story on Global TV a number of years ago while still living (and smoking) in Vancouver. Coincentally, at the time I was in the beginning stages of quitting - cold turkey - smoked for almost 30 years. I saw her story on TV, and as the father of a young child, was very moved... and inspired... and until this point had not imagined my life without cigaettes.

I lasted for 2 years without those cigaettes, and as many people do, I relapsed, but within 18 months I was quit again. It has been almost 4 years now. A HUGE personal accomplishment for me. As a newcommer to Alberta, I have heard Barb's ads on the radio here; and remembering how inspired I was by her, I had to write.

My advise to help to quit - find out what your addiction is. For me it was social - niigt clubs, bars, smoke break with the boys at work... back in the day it was the thing! Without those options - you can't smoke in the pub anymore - there becomes less of a need or even desire to smoke anymore. Some things governments do are good, and curtailing places to smoke is one of the best. So if you are reading this Barb... THANKYOU!!! I am sure that I am not the only one you have inspired.
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Bill Weston