I started smoking when I was ten due to peer pressure and continued to smoke for 37 years. In 2005 I went to the dentist for a checkup and they noticed an abnormality under my tongue. I was sent to a specialist and it was pre-cancerous cells. I was very afraid and tried to quit but found I couldn't. I tried again by going to a smoking cessation group and this time quit for 4 months.

Than last year on July 20, 2010 I quit for good. I used many things to help me. I went on the patch. I brushed my teeth lots and ate pickles to change the taste in my mouth. I bought two small pebbles so when I was at the bus stop waiting I would play with them inside my pocket to keep my hands busy.

It is just over a year now and yes I still have some cravings from time to time but I brush them aside. I am so happy! I can go up a flight of stairs without wheezing! I also had called AlbertaQuits and they also helped me by giving me encouragement. Thank God I am finally free!!!!!

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