Control your mind.

After watching Barb' story, I realized that I am not invincible. One day or another, smokes will be stronger than me and it will kill me. It is the honest and genuine truth. I asked myself if it was worth it, and obviously, we all have the same answer: 'NO, it is not'. Life is worth it; life is the most beautiful gift we ever received. We are blessed to be alive.

I have been smoking for 6years, and I am a non-smoker since 3weeks, but I will definitely not going back there. I use the 'Cold Turkey' method, for many of us, it is the hardest, but actually, not really if you control your mind. Your mind is taking decision for you. It decides everything for you. Thankfully, we can control our mind and change our decisions. We all took that decision one day to start smoking. We unfortunately did. We can all change it by taking the decision that we are not a smoker anymore. We have the power of decision; we have the power to say 'no'.

My main reason of quitting smoking was not about money, but about my future. I want to grow old. I want to experience life as long as I can, And Barb made me realize that I was just killing myself.
It is never too late to quit smoking, take the right decision, make a positive change in your life, you will see, it is worth it. Stop giving power to 'cigarette' and start giving power to yourself to be who you want to be.

Thanks AlbertaQuits & the community.
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Control your mind.